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Monday , June 21 2021
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Modern Men ‘Me’ time

Modern men “me-time” is fairly new, probably interesting too. Modern men are more devoting towards how they look as an increasing number of companies are launching men makeup ranges. Men makeup has been seen more and more adopting with the advent of new styles. The industries that produce men products are flourishing with time because of the male vanity. Guys are getting very conscious from removing tanning to looking handsome. If we go back in past, they were limited to shave and hair cut. It is not true that only women have a right over beauty and fashion; even in western countries men are more conscious to their beauty and looks. They are becoming equally aware like women; even they have more freedom to use beauty tips.




Earlier men thought that men with gay tendencies went to salons to get unwanted hair removal from their body. More often than not, men were interested in visiting salons solely for a good haircut or shave. At present, the perception is drastically changed. They have realized that a good look helps in every walk of life, whether its glamour industry or real world. They are as picky as women, when it comes to their great appearance.




Most of the boys go for facials, manicure, pedicure and much more. Having six packs abs is pretty fine but what new a boy can try to look different and rocking. Boys can go for body polishing, face bleaching, skin hydration, like others are doing. Spa is a good way to keep your body relaxed and energetic. Spending time in the gym is equally important to spending time in salons, in order to achieve that classy look. A very attractive body with perfect muscles is not much enough to impress others. To get in limelight, hard efforts are extremely needed.





You must have seen film-stars doing all the beauty regimes followed at every shot in their movies. Nowadays, not only film-stars but average men are also going for grooming rubrics like body polishing, waxing, bronzing, guy-liners, facials, hair coloring, manicure, pedicure, and cut-throat.





This is a good step forward for men, who are always dominated by women of fashion and trend. Every man should look into the factors contributing in their beauty glam. Having natural beauty is not as much as necessary in this present world, guys have to come up. From clothes to looks, everything, they have to carry along.


Modern women is already at the thrill in fashion mantras. Now, let us see how guys take it to the same as them. Beauty and styling have no limits to end.

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  1. Also, there are turban training centers where young singhs go for turban trainings….thats also a part of awareness to look good. So, I think it is now very much a desire to look presentable, or good, or dashing or best 🙂

  2. yes guys …you do have ….look dashing and beat women fashion-mantras…

  3. Yes right!!, Not only WoMeN have right to look beautiful……..

  4. yes i am agree with the given condition
    men also have rights for this like women

  5. effective and useful …………………………..

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