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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Celebrities / MS Dhoni Becomes India’s Favourite Again After Team Wins at Indore

MS Dhoni Becomes India’s Favourite Again After Team Wins at Indore

India, it looks like, has decided to love or hate the great Indian cricket team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni just one day at a time. After the defeat at Kanpur, people speculated that he has grown fat or that his footwork is slow and it’s time for him to retire. However, after Tuesday’s stunning glory at Indore, the whole nation seems to be in love with the captain especially since he knocked an amazing score of 92 runs.

India was reduced to 124-6 quite early by the South African team but Dhoni took it from there and held the entire innings together by playing some smart cricket and successfully took the team’s total to a competitive score of 247. That was exactly what India needed at that time and Dhoni delivered it to them. His brilliant innings not only provided sturdiness to the entire total but also acted as a support for the lower order batsmen.

We Indians need to understand and accept the fact that the problem does not lies with Dhoni. Instead it lies with the inconsistency of the overall performance of the team. Sometimes, it gets very hard to predict as what sort of team will actually prove good. All eyes were set on Kohli when he was going well. However, his bad scores mainly because of his bad luck and his unstable form have been hurting India the most. He, in fact, used to be the one who would handle middle innings while setting it up for Dhoni.


However, what’s important at this point of time is that the team has won the second ODI and we wish them all the luck for the subsequent matches.

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