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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / NASA Confirms the Existence of a Global Ocean on Saturn’s Moon – Enceladus

NASA Confirms the Existence of a Global Ocean on Saturn’s Moon – Enceladus

NASA scientists have made a startling discovery by detecting and tracking what appears to be a quiver in one of Saturn’s moon, Enceladus which clearly implies that the moon’s sub-surface body has water which could span to a much larger area than speculated earlier. Pictures of Cassini probe which was sent many years ago has led the scientists to conclude that this flutter should have been less in case the icy crust was directly connected to the rock core of the moon.

This newly found evidence is now strongly supporting the idea of an intervening global mass of liquid on Enceladus. NASA’s scientists have rightly concluded that if the moon’s surface and its core would have been rigidly connected, the adjoining core’s humungous amount of dead weight would have made the wobble a lot smaller than it was observed.

Matthew Tiscareno, who is a Cassini scientist at Seti Institute also said that there is ought to be a liquid surface between the surface of the moon and the rocky core which led to the pronounced quivering effect on the moon. However, if the surface would have directly been in touch with the rocky core at the moon’s heart, the wobble would have been strikingly less. According to him, this rightly proves that a global layer of liquid has been separating the moon’s surface from its core all this time.

Ongoing activities on Enceladus have been of great importance to NASA. It is undoubtedly one of best discoveries of the Cassini mission which landed at Saturn in the year 2004.

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