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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / NASA Reveals the Presence of ‘Liquid Water’ in Planet Mars

NASA Reveals the Presence of ‘Liquid Water’ in Planet Mars

Multiple spacecraft, tremendous human effort, countless years and endless thought evolution- the Mars related discoveries has taken everything that a big revelation demands! Thanks to NASA for leading the path of human achievements and discoveries in the most phenomenal way!

The official announcement that came through the press conference organized by NASA revealed the potential presence of ‘Liquid Water’ in planet Mars. Specifically denoting the presence of liquid water ‘under certain circumstances’, Jim Green, Planetary Science Director NASA, declared the happy news that Mars is finally not a dry arid planet.

As per the previous news, Mar was supposedly perceived to be a dry planet, having H20 in the form of ice. The scientist also said that the climate of Mars was too thin and specific for any possible change in the previous stage. In order to analyze the chemical structure and composition of streaks in the Mars, the scientists from NASA has used a spectroscopy technique. The dark streak that the scientists first saw during analysis was called Recurring Slope Lineae or RSL. According to the press conference, the variation in these dark streaks is the root cause for temperature change and now the proposition that supports the presence of water is Mars is based on this fact.


In the ultimate quest of truth and exploration of the red planet, NASA also released the ‘major science finding’ trajectory few days back. You can check NASA’s Twitter handle that was constantly updated by the team to evoke best awareness and public interest in the findings.

The Ultimate Exploration of Red Planet- NASA and the Journey:

Back in 2012, when NASA eventually started the ‘Mars Curiosity Mission’, the idea of critical investigation was new to their beliefs. Ever since then, the discoveries pertaining to Curiosity Mission has created news about the findings of calcium perchlorate in the Martian Soil and spikes of methane.


It is learned that the presence of calcium perchlorate in the Martian Soil is vital for improving the level of stability in liquid water (that is available in the surface of Mars). As suggested by the scientists, the availability of water is possibly present due to two valid cases. Either Mars went through a freezing drop of temperature or it witnessed a boiling away of thin atmosphere. Whatever would have been the case, it is potent that the liquid water available in Mars is not available in the ‘purest’ form. It is rather ‘Briny’!

Though the water is not pure, yet the discovery of ‘presence of water has given a huge boost to the entire investigative mission launched by NASA. It is an exciting news- an overwhelming discovery that declares the existence of life beyond our planet earth.

“The more we study, the more Mars surprises us” said Michael Meyer, the lead scientist for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, during the happy occasion.

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