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Monday , June 21 2021
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Natural Juices vs. Artificial Juices

As shoppers, you may be faced up with a variety of juices in the stores. There are so many flavored juices, fresh-squeezed, concentrated, natural juices, and artificial juice cocktails and other essential juices in the shops. Juices can be the best part of diet because everybody wants to get healthy and fit. Those who want to shed down weight, they prefer to have a liquid diet and highly rely on juices. Therefore, better you start taking juices; of course fresh and natural way. Here in this article I am going to make you aware with the differences of natural and artificial juices.



 Artificial juices: Juice is squeezed from the fruits or vegetables and then lots of sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors, coloring, and enhancers are added to make it remain fresh for the long days after it is packaged. Natural ingredients (essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, microorganisms) are lost during the process of pasteurization.

 Natural juices: Natural juice is squeezed from the fresh fruits and vegetables and no sugar, preservatives, coloring, enhancers are added into it. It keeps its natural ingredients in their purest form.


 Artificial juices: These juices taste more fresh and flavored unlike natural juices because a lot of flavoring and colorings is done. Suppose, you’re buying orange juice then a lot of orange flavor would have been added to it. All in all, we can say that artificial juices taste very good and real.

 Natural juices: These juices do not taste as good as artificial juices, because no additional ingredients are added into it. It will give you natural taste of fruits and vegetables.

 Shelf life and storage

Artificial juices: Artificial juices have longer shelf life. Due to pasteurization, they can be consumed after long days. You can buy a pack and store it in the freezer that can be consumed for a month.

 Natural juices: Natural juices have very shorter shelf life and required to be consumed immediately after its preparation due to no pasteurization. These juices cannot be stored for a long time.

 Uses and Applications

 Artificial juices: These juices can be used in making wine and can be incorporated into cocktails. It does contain any added water into it.

 Natural juices:  Natural juices require consumption just after it is squeezed otherwise it may produce bad smell. So it is mostly avoided using natural juice into any dish.


Artificial juicesArtificial juices are easily available. You can buy these juices very easily from shops while purchasing other grocery items.

 Natural juices: Natural juices take time for its preparation. First you need to have a juicer and then fresh fruits and vegetables. It will also consume your time while preparing it.

 Nutritional value

Artificial juices: Artificial juices have less nutritional value because essential ingredients for good health are lost in processing. The essentials needed for our good health cannot be consumed in artificial juices.

 Natural juices: Natural juices have very high nutritional value because it contains all the ingredients needed for our good health. The natural ingredients remain in their original form, and no pasteurization is done over it.

 So start taking juices and surely it is a step in the right direction towards a healthier you today and always.




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