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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Naturopathy: Avoiding Illness Is Better Than Treating It

Naturopathy: Avoiding Illness Is Better Than Treating It

A wise saying by a spotless mind goes like ‘‘if left to her, nature can take care of herself”. Naturopathy is the best way to avoid getting sick rather than treating it.  This natural way of combating sickness includes self-healing process that heals naturally without the involvement of any other medicinal treatment. Naturopathy has its roots in the history, where people required no medicines to keep them healthy.

So naturopathy is all about being natural with some basic principles like proper sleeping and eating on time, avoiding popping of unnecessary medicines and letting the body function naturally. This would help in maintaining a healthy body and mind for a longer duration. Disorders like diabetes, backaches, blood pressures, spondylitis, which seems impossible to cure, are all healed by implementing the (repetition of word principles) techniques of naturopathy.  We are letting you know certain disorders, their causes, and natural ways to treat them:

·         Blood Pressure (High and Low)

Causes: Reasons associated with high and low blood pressures are entirely different. High B.P is caused by smoking, being overweight, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, or other adrenal and thyroid disorders. Low B.P is caused due to dehydration, not eating properly, eating too less, salt and sugar intake, and taking extremely strong medications. High blood pressure has many other side effects that are extremely unhealthy for your body.

Treatments: A balanced combination of yoga and naturopathy can help in bringing the blood pressure back to normal. A very simple exercise, if done faultlessly, is extremely helpful. Stand straight and align both your arms parallel to each other. Join tips of both the hands, fill your lungs with air by inhaling, and take both the hands apart. Knock tips of both the fingers with each other and exhale. Continue the technique for at least one minute. Follow this technique with ‘Shav Asana’.  Naturopaths claim that this exercise is capable of bringing the high blood pressure back to normal in just 3-4 months. Be it high or low blood pressure, the exercise treats the disorder if followed regularly.

·         Cervical Spondylitis

Causes: Cervical Spondylitis is the deterioration of vertebrae and discs in the neck region. Wrong sitting postures during long on-desk jobs is the major cause of Spondylitis. Other causes of Spondylitis can be carrying axial loads, any cervical injury, or bending neck for longer durations.

Treatment: Keeping a check on neck movements is advised and in some extreme cases where it’s not getting eased, you’ll have to wear a neck collar for a few days. Certain cervical disc exercises are recommended by naturopaths: Sit on a chair with your back bone straight and elbow on a hard surface. Place your face in your hand cups and pull it forward by applying required amount of force. Do it for 30 seconds daily. For fast results, naturopaths advise to apply electromagnetic heat on the affected area. As heat helps to reduce blood clotting on the affected region. There are various other exercises that help in healing cervical.

·         Backache

Causes: Backache is the immediate result of wrong sitting postures, obesity, wrong sleeping positions and slipped disc. Repetitive work and frequent bending and twisting are also the causes of backache.

Treatment: A few basic exercises to stretch and strengthen your back are the only remedies to treat backache. One exercise may help: Lie down on your stomach and raise your arms and legs, simultaneously. Stay in the position for a while and release after one minute. After doing this, lay down on the floor in Shav Asana and try healing the affected area with electromagnetic rays.

People have recognized naturopathy as an alternative methodology to treat them, where doctors can also vouch for it as a safer method.

All the exercises mentioned above have been recommended by naturopaths worldwide. To know more about the treatments offered by naturopathy, keep checking for updates till our next recommendation



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