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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Entertainment / New Ideas!! Celebrate Your Birthdays with No Money

New Ideas!! Celebrate Your Birthdays with No Money

There are several ways to celebrate your birthday even when you have no big cash in pocket. What you need is creativity and planning. Birthday parties can be really expensive, especially if you are going to host a party for your loved one. Birthday parties are great idea to get together with family friends and kids. On the other side, expensive birthday parties can really tighten your pocket. We are not born with silver spoon in mouth so when it comes to money expenses, we become extremely conscious. Here I have come up with newly created ideas for all those who abandon the idea of celebrating birthday due to less or no money.

First of all, have a quick look at what you extremely need at birthdays

  • Special place to organize party
  • Special Cakes
  • Celebratory eatables like snacks and drinks
  • Decorations
  • Birthday Presents

Now, you might be stressed and looking into your wallet or purse. Relaxed!! Take a deep breath!! Slowly read below.

There are some special ways to celebrate your birthday without spending huge money.

New Birthday Presents:

  • Stop thinking about that old idea of buying some materials and getting them wrapped in gift papers.  Expand your thinking there are other options to surprise your friend. Have you ever thought of taking your friend to some special place like lake, beach or simply for a walk? These options cost no money, in fact, give you a break to spend quality time with your partner. You can experience fun and happiness together.
  • You can surprise your friend with scenic long drive to some special location out of town. Quality time you spend with your friends or loved ones really mean more than a material item. You can also carry some drinks and snacks along your drive.
  • Create your room for theatre experience, dim the all lights, wear beautiful clothes, and watch some very nice movie at home. Have pop corn bowl in hands while watching movie. It will give you a real theatre feel.
  • Plan picnic trip with group of friends, ask everyone to bring a dish of their favorite. Hence, you will get a great choice of food stuff. Tell all of your friends to bring cameras and have a lot of clicks. After the party is over, download the photos to an electronic scrapbook program and mail them to everyone that was in party.

New ideas for party decoration:

There is no concern of money with celebrations. Celebrations need your planning and creativity solely. You can create your own decorations to avoid essential financial costs. Take print out of free online templates for birthday banners, gift cards, greeting cards and party favor bags. These items are available in different patterns on the internet. Paste these pictures on walls thus create new environment with beautiful birthday themes.

Other free and entertaining ideas:

  • You can plan for dance on music, either inside or outside in lawn. Shortlist some of your friend’s favorite songs and play them to surprise him/her.
  • Involve various games into your get together like three leg racing, cartwheel contest, and wheelbarrows racing etc, these games are really exciting for a party to have fun.
  • Have one question and answer round wherein you can ask whatever to your mates. No matter what the occasion is fun should never end.
  • You can have singing or dancing competition among teams. It would be a great option to have fun with a lot of energy.

So, these were some of my ideas that can work well for your party, if you have some of others then do mention in comment section below.


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