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Tuesday , August 3 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / New Study Shows Carrots Can Help Aging Eyes

New Study Shows Carrots Can Help Aging Eyes

We have often heard our parents say that “You should eat carrots because they are good for eyes.” New study shows that this advice is perfectly true since carrots have the power to solve eye problems.


Basically, carrots consist of pigments that are called carotenoids which tend to give it its orange or red colour. Researchers have found out that these carotenoids help to ward off any age-linked ailment of vision like macular degeneration. Age-related Macular Degeneration or AMD in medical terms is believed to be the most common cause of vision loss in humans. This disorder affects the macula of the eye which is retina’s centre part. This can lead to a sharp decline in central vision and blindness as well.

A team led by Joanne Wu, who is a graduate student at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston looked into the data from the various health surveys where they hunt down people aged 50 or more. Participants were either nurses or other health professionals and approximately 2.5 percent of the total study participants had either an intermediate or an advanced form of eye condition. Through a series of experiments, Wu’s team stated that people who consumed high levels of carotenoids stood a 40 percent lower risk of developing an advanced form of AMD.


Though it’s still unsure whether carotenoid supplements would help or not, however, one should try to keep a diet full of fruits and vegetables. Supplements are often more useful for those who have intermediate or advanced forms of AMD. Instead of relying on supplements, one should focus more on keeping his/her diet as colourful as possible.

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