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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Now Russia finds Google Guilty of Abusing its Dominant Position

Now Russia finds Google Guilty of Abusing its Dominant Position

A few months before Russian authorities stormed Google’s headquarters by alleging that the company was taking undue advantage of its dominant position. The complaint was made by Yandex, Russia’s biggest internet company that controls more than 50% of Russia’s online search market.

Now, seven months after the company initiated the probe, Russia has found Google guilty of abusing their dominance in the market. The probe was started after a complaint was received which stated that Google is following anti-competitive practices in a way the apps are bundled with Android.

The complaint made by Yandex stated that a lot of device manufacturers have been complaining lately that they are unable to pre-install Google’s popular applications like maps and search apps on Android devices. As a result of this complaint, a probe was initiated against Google which has now declared the search giant guilty of anti-trust practices.
This is not the first time when Google has received flak over abusing its dominant power. Recently India, alleged Google of using its position to alter advertisement results when it received complaints that stated Google is using unfair means in search advertising. Before that, Europe and America have alleged Google of the same thing as well.

Till now, Google hasn’t yet responded confidently over Russia’s probe and has stated that the company will be in a position to comment on this matter only after they have taken various factors related to this case into consideration.

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