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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Ola Boats is the New Savior in the Flooding Roads of Chennai

Ola Boats is the New Savior in the Flooding Roads of Chennai

 Facing the acute tremor of heavy rainfall, Chennai is flooding with the distress of immobility. The roads are water-lodged and the citizens are stuck. Who is going to take the lead- who will be the apparent rescuer?


Image Source: Forbes

Thanks to the innovative idea presented by Ola cabs, the company has been recently sailing boats in the flooded routes of Chennai for providing ease to the citizens! From past few days now, Chennai has been facing the adverse effects of acute rainfall in the region. In the face of this situation, Ola, the mobile application for personalized transportation, has deployed boats throughout the water-logged areas of Chennai.

Necessity is the mother of Invention:

As reported by Yahoo News, the company has taken the assistance of the Fire and Rescue Department of Tamil Nadu, in order to calculate the information of affected areas. The Ola service for boats will be available for the next three days (or maybe for more if there is any particular need). The official Department of Ola cabs has confirmed that the company would also provide basic supplies, food and drinking water facility for the time being.
According to Ravi Teja, The business head for Ola at Tamil Nadu, the suffering resulted due to the heavy rainfall has affected the life of thousands of citizens in Chennai. At this point in time, Ola is addressing the increased demand of transportation in the city, and we are making it possible with the help of our app. The local stakeholders are helping the ferries. Ola has taken the help of professional rowers and fishermen to carry the ferry from one place to another. In a single ride, it is helping five to nine people, also providing umbrellas in the case of rain.

As per the Meteorological Department of India, Chennai will witness heavy rainfall in coming days.


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