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Saturday , July 31 2021
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Parents Guide For Raising Teenagers

So she no more likes to visit the shopping mall with you and has started breaking away from for absolutely no reason. If you are feeling weird about it just go and check her birth date once again, has she turned thirteen? And all those irritating responses she gives are definitely not hers; it’s the clean hormonal play.

Thus the foremost thing you need to do is to forgive them for all the forthcoming 7-8 annoying years. Rest will be taken care if you follow the tips lined up below:


Rule no. 1

Avoid debating with them: Getting into a debate on anything gives them a chance to be more stubborn about their wishes. If they still want to debate, they can probably join some debate club—so give them that “Thank you very much” attitude and get along. This is the time when your teen needs to understand that ‘No means No” and in any case you won’t agree to what you have denied once.

Rule no. 2

Never buy their logic: There are times when you try to understand whatever logic your teen is giving for buying him that car. But honestly don’t even try because their logic is a poor combination of immature brain and elevated hormonal level. This illogic would surely fray your nerves and will ruin him.

Rule no. 3

Don’t try to be friends with them: Because if you do, you’ll likely to be thought of as a nose- poking overgrown person who should go and be friends with someone of his age.  They don’t want you to be their friends. They want you to be a reliable role model who is worthy of their respect. Of course that sounds ego-hurting, but by the end of the day it’s for their benefit. Don’t be interrogative; just be interested in whatever they are telling you.

Rule no. 4

Know their friends: Parents always form that CID team to find out what your teen is upto, and there is nothing wrong in that. You must do that, but in a different way because your teens are smart enough to grasp what you are upto. Keep a track on your kid’s friends. Invite them over for a lunch and ask questions smartly so that you don’t sound like interrogating. Believe us you’ll end up knowing your teen’s requirements, pressures, wishes, and nature much more than you think you do.

Rule no. 5 

Don’t believe their sorries and tears: The moment you believe they are not going to repeat the mistake again, they hit you really hard with another big blunder. Show them that you believe in them, but be prepared and cautious about the next doze of tears and sorries.

Rule no. 6

Examine your teen every day: By this I strictly don’t mean staring. Staring would offend them really bad and they’ll get conscious every time you notice them. Teenage is a stage where body, mind and heart change every day. So examine him/her carefully to notice any changes and find out what you should do about them. Have a meaningful interaction with them to know the changes they are undergoing in such a fine stage of life.

Rule no. 7

Encourage them for extracurricular activities: They do learn many things from all such activities, but it has a different angle too. When your kid is at a sports class or a dance class, you know where he is spending his evenings. Also, by the end of the day he’ll be too tired to indulge in any kinds of unhealthy activities.

Bringing up your teens can never be summed up in a few set of rules, but we did give it a try. And if these sound useful to you…CARE FOR A SHARE and let others follow them too. Also if you have something more useful, your thoughts are always welcome in the comment box below.


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