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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / People get Impressed by the ‘New’ iPhone 6S when Showed the original iPhone

People get Impressed by the ‘New’ iPhone 6S when Showed the original iPhone

Apple’s fanboys have always been the subject of controversies. While some people believe that people actually like the company and its products, some pity them for drooling over the Apple’s products only because of its name. So, to know what people actually think of the company’s recently launched phone, the iPhone 6S, Kimmel sent one of his interviewers ‘as an experiement’ on the Hollywood Boulevard with 2007’s original iPhone so that he could ask people on the streets as what they really think about the phone which he made them believe was Apple’s latest device, the iPhone 6S.

With this experiment, Kimmel explained that people nowadays are programmed in such a way so that they feel that if they aren’t using the latest device, they’re definitely missing onto something. When people were asked to give their thoughts about this ‘latest’ iPhone, many of them seemed surprisingly impressed with the phone’s size. A woman told the interviewer that she “loved the size” because it was not too big and could perfectly fit in her hands and her handbag while another woman described this ‘new iPhone’ as nice and light in weight.
The original iPhone had a smaller 3.5 inch screen as compared to the larger 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone 6S. Even then, most of the people couldn’t really tell the difference and in fact praised Apple for making such a wonderful phone. People were impressed by the phone’s speed as well and how quickly it was performing without lagging. The phone’s obsolete camera was also praised by many.
Two main points to conclude from this experiment are that maybe people just blindly follow the tradition of buying an Apple device without having any technical info about it or they simply believe in Apple so much that they don’t care what the company releases.

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