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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Personality Secrets in Your Signatures

Personality Secrets in Your Signatures

Okay! Enough of the heavy ‘Life’ stuff! This time bubbles decided to have some fun with you guys and reveal some graphology secrets in the process. Each one of us is always very curious to participate in various personality tests. Graphology is one part of many such tests and, signature is one part that is always up for interpretation.

Signatures are your public face, it presents the ‘real you’ in all the important documents, love letters, messages to your friends and many other places. It’s your mark of promise and bond with your loved ones. So let’s see how your stylized forms of writing echo some interestingly terrific traits.


Legibility relates to how clean and clear you put your signatures. It has little to do with speed; at times a very fast writer can write clearly and sometimes a slow writer can make a mess out of his writings.

  • If your signature is clearly legible you want people to know your true identity and you believe that a little arrogance and self importance is necessary.
  • If your surname is clearer than the first name you are more likely to hold back on the first meeting with anyone, until that person gets familiar.
  • If your first name is clearer than the second you are more of a straight forward friendly person.
  • If it is completely clean and legible you are social, open, straightforward, and are very happy the way you are.


The writer puts his signature big or small reflects another aspect of his persona.

  • If your signatures are larger than your normal handwriting, you are a person with extremely high self-esteem, confidence and high sense of status.
  • If the signatures are of medium size it shows that you are a very balanced person in terms of values and modesty. You are fully aware of how people perceive you and are perfectly fine with it.
  • If your signatures are smaller than the normal hand writing it reflects a person with very low self-esteem, and self-confidence.


Directions and inclinations

This is the way you place your signatures, for example is it the right slant, left slant, the signatures are rising or they are falling more than the normal hand writings.

  • If the signatures are inclined towards right it says that you’re are outgoing, extremely bubbly and an extrovert persona.
  • If the signatures have a left slant you are more likely to be perceived as an introvert person who keeps his thoughts to himself.
  • If the signatures rise more than the handwriting, a person is an optimistic, life lover and enjoys every part of life.
  • If the signatures falls more than the handwriting, you are very pessimistic about life, not very open to the people around and lacks vitality.

Embellishments in the signatures

People always embellish their signatures with dots above or below, underlines, full stops, circles, larger letters and vertical lines at the end. These lines have meanings; let’s see what does this tells about you:

  • A person who puts larger letters in his signatures indicates a very formal person who wants recognition and attention in everything they do.
  • Circles over I’s in your signatures depict that you are very defensive and needs reassurance for almost everything. Also you want to be protected.
  • A person underscoring his signatures tells that he has a healthy ego and self-confidence. If underscoring begins right from the beginning, it says you’ve been very lucky since childhood.
  • Full stop at the end indicates that you’re a self-centered person like “Line stops wherever I stop”.
  • Two dots below the signature reflect that you are a cheerful personality and with that charismatic personality you take over wherever you go.


Did you get an idea about your personality secrets? Answer in the comment box below and tell us how useful it was for you guys.

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