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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / PM Modi in Paris to Represent India, Climatic Concern and Global Responsibility

PM Modi in Paris to Represent India, Climatic Concern and Global Responsibility

As said, with the World Table Annual Conference, PM Modi has formally initiated an enchanting India Pavilion. The first time wonder that was never placed in any similar conference before, PM Modi’s Pavilion is discussing the idea, approaches and philosophy of climatic changes in the best possible manner.

The India Pavilion situated at the Climate Change Conference, Paris is making the entire country proud. It is both winning smiles and constructive discussion from the end of negotiators and campaigners, beautifully representing India at a global level! The conference that formally began yesterday in Paris is raising high hopes from the Monday morning. Today is the going to be the big day when about 150 leaders and global heads of states and governments will be discussing the critical concern of climate change. Needless to say, PM Modi will also become an influential part of this conference, extending a three-minute long speech during the discussion hours.

Putting the message of ‘Just Climate Action’ and declaring the onset of ‘Kochi’s first green airpor of the world, the India Pavilion in Paris will bring across the digital delight (audio, video and written communication) in the best possible way.

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PM Modi in Paris:

Soon after the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ telecast, PM Modi headed to the Climate Change Conference in Paris on Sunday. His discussion on the issue of Climate Change and the concurrent consequences on the global scenario were prominent during the Sunday telecast of Mann Ki Baat (an inter-communication radio programme hosted by PM Modi). “Climate Change, as in global warming, is a debatable global concern. It is a rather a global responsibility than anything particular to a nation” said PM Modi during his expressive session on Sunday’s telecast of Mann Ki Baat.

Much more than what is said or seen, the role of PM Modi is going to be deeper during the Climate Change conference. Apart from the three-minute long meeting, the Prime Minister would also launch the much-awaited ‘Global Solar Alliance’, a constructive effort that unites some tropical countries for the purpose of promoting solar energy. The Monday event will also witness the launch of a book jointly written by PM Modi and Francois Hollande, the French President. With the help of this book, the world will be able to read the thoughts and excerpts of both Indian and French philosophers.

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