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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Practicing the Half Spinal Twist with Ardha Matsyendra Asana

Practicing the Half Spinal Twist with Ardha Matsyendra Asana

As a spiritual delight, yoga ensures the bliss of peace and serenity in all the posture. But the best part about yoga is that along with the elements of tranquility, it also entitles a person to have a healthy body and mind. Following the same traits of overall bliss, Ardha Matsyendra Asana or the half spinal twist pose is a yoga practice prominent right from the medieval age. The literal meaning or Ardha is ‘half’ and Matsyendra is ‘a yogic master or sidha (one mahasidhas among the lot of 84 mahasidhas who was blessed with the ultimate power, paranormal and psychic achievements)’. In Sanskrit, Matsyendra also denotes to the ‘Lord of fishes’. Traditionally, the yoga posture is also regarded as the Spinal Twist (since the posture gently twists the spinal column).


The 7 Way Process of Doing Ardha Matsyendra Asana

  • Step 1:
  • Sit at rest in the cross-leg posture and keep your abdominal region at ease. Relax!

  • Step 2:
  • Go to the right knee bend and try bringing the right heel closer to left hip.

  • Step 3:
  • Now calmly bend the left knee upward and place the foot on the floor towards the right.

  • Step 4:
  • Try touching the left foot ankle to the right thigh.

  • Step 5:
  • Bring the right arm around while turning the spine towards left.

  • Step 6:
  • Meanwhile, grasp the left foot with your right hand.

  • Step 7:
  • Turn your head as far as possible.

  • Step 8:
  • Check the alignment of spine, neck and head.

  • Step 9:
  • Fix the posture and establish the power concentration between the eyebrows.

  • Step 10:
  • Concentrate on your breathing process; breathe in and out fully.

The Many Benefits of doing Ardha Matsyendra Asana!

Ardha Matsyendrasana3

  • Cultivating Body Flexibility:
  • Regain the best flexibility for your body muscles with the help of Ardha Matsyendra Asana.

  • Induces Strength in the Spine:
  • Ardha Matsyendra Asana is best regarded for complimenting the inner strength of spine and neck. People suffering from migraine should definitely try this yoga bliss for relieving unwanted muscle stress.

  • Improves the Sitting Posture:
  • Apart from the fact that Ardha Matsyendra Asana is helpful for the movement of neck and releasing undue tension/stress from the upper back, it is a proven fact that the posture is highly beneficial for improving the poor posture.

  • Boon for the Abdominal Region:
  • By creating compression on the lower half of our body, Ardha Matsyendra Asana releases flushes in the abdominal region and gently soothes the internal organs.

  • Toning Muscles:
  • Tone the muscles of your stomach, hips and center of the body with the aid of Ardha Matsyendra Asana.

  • Energizes the Internal Organs:
  • Ardha Matsyendra Asana can profoundly stimulate the functioning of liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and spleen. It relieves the unnecessary stress and fatigue accumulated around the body organs.

  • Blissful Counters the Menstrual Discomfort:
  • Practicing Ardha Matsyendra Asana regularly can prepare the body to fight against the displeasure created by monthly menstrual.


While practicing Ardha Matsyendra Asana, held the posture for as long as you can- it all depends on your comfort. Repeat the exercise twice and thrice during each session.

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