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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Rand Paul’s 2016 Campaign Releases a ‘Selfie’ App

Rand Paul’s 2016 Campaign Releases a ‘Selfie’ App

We all are accustomed of the various ways which our politicians make use of so as to connect with the people. Kentucky’s Sen. Rand Paul has been trying to do that too and so as to do that in a better and more technological way, his 2016 campaign recently released an app for smartphones. The app basically comprises of a game where his fans are given the opportunity of shooting down the logos of other campaigns. Another section of the app allows the users to take a virtual selfie with him, something which has fueled a notorious set of events on the social media.

The app is free of cost and can be downloaded on Apple and Android stores. Apart from these interesting features of the app, users will also be able to donate to Paul’s campaign and view the videos of his campaign and even sign-up to volunteer in it. The bizarre game present in the app, however, isn’t visible every time. You can only play it if you tap the ‘Rand’ logo at the top of the app repeatedly. Once the game is visible, you can then play this modified version of ‘Space Invaders’ where instead of shooting aliens you’ll be shooting the campaign logos of Republicans’.

The game isn’t the best one on the Play Store but it surely is great for killing time especially if you a strong dislike for a particular Republican. In case you lose, you get to see a message which says that you were unable to defeat your inferiors and that you can tone down your guilt by donating to the campaign. The photo booth section is another popular feature where people are taking funny selfies with Paul, in a way he wouldn’t have expected. Keeping that aside, this attempt is surely helping him connect with the locals.

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