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Tuesday , August 3 2021
Home / Latest posts / Rehumanize, a Chrome Extension that’s Bringing Dignity for War Torn People

Rehumanize, a Chrome Extension that’s Bringing Dignity for War Torn People

Humanity took a strong blow that day when the body of Aylan Kurdi, a 3 year old Syrian boy, who drowned with his brother and mother while escaping from the clutches of their disturbed hometown washed on the beach of Turkey. Since then, hundreds of news channels all around the globe have shifted their focus on the hard and traumatised lives of these war affected people. However, news websites often use words like ‘asylum seekers’, ‘boat people’ or ‘illegals’ to refer to such people.

In order to bring a change in their own unique way, a team of developers have created a Chrome extension called Rehumanize which basically replaces these insensitive words with the word ‘humans.’ The app was launched in response to negative media coverage of the massive humanitarian crisis which has seen the deaths of scores of refugees in recent weeks. The Chrome app basically aims to replace these words with ‘humans’ so that they can get a little more dignity from the reader’s perspective.

This web app was launched the same day when Aylan’s three-year old lifeless body was sighted at Turkey’s coast. The boy died along with his brother and mother during their escape while Aylan’s father is still alive who just returned to his hometown in Syria to bury his loved ones. This fateful incident has surged the request from the UK government to take some action.
The app has received a positive reception worldwide and the app’s developers feel satisfied too by putting across their message in an effective way.

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