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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Latest posts / Respect your elders, they deserve it!!

Respect your elders, they deserve it!!

We learn motivational- lessons at good or bad turns of life. Life is extremely busy that we have no time to stop and think about the lessons of childhood that our teachers and parents taught us. One of the basic lessons of our childhood was “respect you elders”. Why our parents and teachers told us to respect elders? Answer is very common, and everybody knows it.

That is because respecting elders is a good manner. However, we need reminding ourselves that elders should be greeted and respected whenever we meet them. Do not forget that one day you will also turn to an old person and that time you would be expecting a bit of respect. For us (youth adults) respecting elders is as complex and just as simple. Today’s generation is getting more and more educated, but still they do not respect elders in their family and office.

So here are some reasons why we should respect elders.

As you sow, so shall you reap

let’s be practical for a few minutes. In the office, when an elder person comes towards you, you tend to ignore him. Is this the future you want to live? Is this how you want your life at the age of that old person? Respect gives birth to respect so invest respect now to ensure respect later in life, when you would have lived your long years of life.

Being human respect humanity

Elders feel glad to help a child when he is about to fall, why? Because they have beautiful heart and wisdom had make him better human. Have you ever given your hand to an old person, when he was disrupting his balance? Be a human and humanity teaches us to help everyone when they need it and no matters the person is old or young.

Elders have more wisdom than you

we should respect them because they have years of experience and wisdom in eyes. Their words reflect knowledge and more of a right power. They should be respected because they deserve polite greets. Your present phase of life has already been experienced by them. They can always guide us better and definitely true. You can earn huge knowledge from them and that can help you to grow better in life. They are not just your elders but valuable assets too, so let’s respect them for their hardly earned knowledge.

They teach us moral values

In our world, elder teach the younger, whatever we learn comes from them and them alone. Just cover up the gap between two generations and learn to thank them for teaching us the differences between right and wrong, success and failure. A society begins and ends with them so they should be respected. Do not forget that a man is judged by his nature and values and that are gifted by elders. Therefore, the respect is obvious to follow.

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