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Saturday , July 31 2021
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Web world goes responsive!

We started from PCs, moved on to mobile phones, reached the smart phones and are going to stay here for a longer while. The advancement in technology always revels in its ability to defy constraint and restriction. Consumers are more into tablets and smart phones and less into PCs. Figures say that the sales of Tablet are anticipated to go beyond 100 millions. Nowadays smart phones are the hottest commodity so people are shifting to it at an extraordinary speed.

So if you are one of those who design websites, all this points out to a sole conclusion—with viewports getting smaller and larger concurrently, you need to design for all of them. Now when you are reading this on your smart phone, the design seems better than usual and on shrinking your browser, the content fits in automatically. So the idea behind building responsive designs is to create design that works equally well on every visual port.

Building a responsive design corresponds to a shift in how we will work for our next decade. Below are the important aspects to why RD should be implemented:


  • Building brand equity for next decade: The amount of people suing smart phones will increase by leaps and bounds in the next decade. And if your website is not available on their small screens, there is no reason for them to prefer your website over others. So responsive designs are important to build your brand value for the next decade.
  • Time and money saving: We are in a generation where time equals money so saving time is important. Designers say that building a responsive website is expensive than a conventional one—True. But there is another truth—that duplicating a website for different devices is even more expensive. So in a long run, investing in responsive device is a smart decision.
  • Increased traffic to websites: Increased traffic to any website comes from user experience. When more and more users will visit your website, you’ll record more traffic. This will come when users are provided with optimal experience. They’ll visit your website, read your content and you’ll stand high on the success metrics.
  • Easier to manage: Having different versions of a website for desktop and mobile is hard to manage, if seen terms of SEO. It will then require different SEO campaigns. For mobile version you’ll have to optimize the site as per the mobile user experience and same is the case with desktop version. So building a responsive website would save a plenty of time.


After going through this, you might be convinced with why responsive web designing is mandatory for your business success today and years later. Responsive designs are the demand of our future world, so ignoring this would lead to a massive failure.

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  1. A superb article that justifies the importance of responsive designs in the forthcoming world. Would love to see more technology articles on the blog.
    Nice write-up!

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