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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Review of Apple iOS 9 – A Subtle Yet Effective Update

Review of Apple iOS 9 – A Subtle Yet Effective Update

Apple became a renowned name in the world after Steve Jobs catapult the personal computing experience by launching Mac. However, since then Apple’s priorities as a tech company have changed entirely. Today, smartphones bring the most revenue to Apple and though Macs and other products are still there, it’s the iPhone which is actually winning in numbers and for this reason the software that runs it, iOS, is extremely important for the company.

For Apple, iOS isn’t just a mobile OS; it’s a lot more than that. It’s a way to tell the world what Apple is capable of and what all it envisions for the coming future. For this reason, Apple simply cannot take the new iteration of iOS lightly and hence, we are expecting heavily from iOS 9 which has just been launched as a free download for most of the iPhones, iPads and touch-screen iPods. Let’s delve deeper in the review to find out what’s new in Apple’s latest version of iOS.

Clean Look and Feel
With iOS 9 you might not feel the moment of surprise which you encountered when you came across iOS 7 two years ago. That’s because in terms of overall appearance the new OS looks very much similar to iOS 7 and iOS 8. However, that doesn’t mean that Apple didn’t work hard for its new OS. There are visual updates; however, they are very subtle in appearance. For instance, there is a new font named San Francisco, the keyboard has also been updated with a distinct set of upper and lower case characters.

The notification center is also revamped since now you’ll finally be able to group alerts in the order of their time and date instead of their app – a feature that was so heavily required. Though the notification center still lacks the Clear All button found on Android, however, this new way of grouping definitely makes it a lot easier to clear-off batches of these alerts.

Apple also seems to have worked on the apps switcher which though looks extremely pretty as a cascading fan of cards can be a bit tough to use the first few times. Another surprising addition in the new iOS is the “Back” button which will rest on the upper left corner of your home screen and will make bouncing between apps a bit faster. While Android users have been using it for years, Apple finally made up its mind to include it though it feels like the company should have given more thought on its design and location.

Improvised Battery Life
In terms of hardware, the new iOS is said to make some pretty important changes in terms of overall performance and battery life. With iOS 9 on-board, one can easily squeeze out an extra hour or so from his/her phone as compared to when he/she was using iOS 8. Apple also boasts of the all new Low Power mode which simply lowers screen’s brightness and background syncing of some apps. This new mode, according to Apple, if switched on can help to give you another two to three extra hours before you actually have to plug-in, however, practical results of this mode aren’t that impressive.

A noteworthy feature of the new iOS 9 is that one can know which app is eating how much battery. Thus, one will be able to kill unwanted background processes which will eventually help to rev-up the battery life.

Support for New Range of Features
Another interesting aspect of the new iOS 9 is that it will also have the capability of supporting the new range of features which have been specifically introduced with iPhone 6S. Amongst them is support for the 3D-Touch feature which enables things like; an extra shortcut for an app icon whenever you press hard or the ability of peeking in an email before you actually open it fully.

Apart from support for 3D-Touch feature, the iOS 9 is transformed in such a way so that it works in a better way with Siri and Apple’s new age predictive features. Swiping over from your home screen will now take you to a new Siri screen which represents suggested apps and contacts on the basis of your usage pattern. Apart from that, the new Siri screen will also display current headlines after extracting it from Apple’s News app which is newly launched as well.

An Overhauled iPad User Experience
For the iPad, the new iOS 9 has brought with itself some significant updates. For instance, one can use the “split-screen” multitasking mode that simply lets users to run two apps simultaneously. Something which Android users have been enjoying for quite some time, with the new iOS 9, the overall productivity of the device has been drastically improved. There’s another multitasking feature called “Slide Over” which lets users temporarily slide one app over the other in a partial manner so as to simply have a peek at it.

What’s important is that every iPad won’t enjoy this new range of features. Split-screen mode will only be present to iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and Apple’s new upcoming tablet, the iPad Pro. Moreover, these features cannot be tested with third-party apps as of now but you’ll be able to enjoy them once these apps update themselves.

With the iOS 9, the iPad will also get an updated on-screen keyboard that is rigged with quick access to shortcuts like; paste, undo / redo along with easy cursor control. Putting two fingers on the keyboard side-by-side at the same time will also transform the keyboard to a giant trackpad enabling your fingers to simply reposition the cursor.

Summin’ it Up
Every time a new version of iOS is launched, Android fan boys criticise it heavily by comparing its features with those of their obsolete Android versions. That’s because Apple isn’t one of them which creates a groundbreaking invention or discovery as compared to other manufacturers, however, the updates which Apple brings are often more effective and long-lasting.
Similarly, some features of iOS 9 like multitasking, “Back” button and a battery saving mode are nothing new for those who have been using Android for quite some time, but they have definitely laid the foundation stone for future computing.

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