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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Review of HTC Desire 626 – An Unexciting Budget Phone

Review of HTC Desire 626 – An Unexciting Budget Phone

There was a time four or five years ago when HTC was amongst the top smartphone manufacturers. While other companies were still figuring out the features that can entice consumers, HTC took a different path altogether. The company invested heavily in terms of time and effort in their design methodology to create phones which looked classy. Even till this date, HTC has one of the best looking handsets.

However, the company’s devices were sometimes way out of the reach. During that time, companies like Samsung started manufacturing a wide range of smartphones that were both cheap and feature rich which lead to a humungous loss in terms of mindshare of the market for the company. Finally, the Taiwanese manufacturer decided to make it big in the mid-range segment and for that the company has release various products.

HTC’s budget phones have done exceptionally well in emerging economies like India and others, but they still have a long way to go in other countries. Recently, the company launched the Desire 626 which is more of an entry-level handset. The phone is rigged with mediocre specs and is priced well, however, it’s most interesting feature is that it can be availed in six colours if you count the Desire 626S.

Superb Design and Construction
HTC is publicising the Desire 626 all around the world as a value buy which makes a lot of sense especially for those consumers who want a solidly built phone. In terms of overall design, the phone might look similar to the Desire 820 or the Desire 816; however, it is distinct in many ways as well. The phone’s has this unique cohesive construction which makes it an excellent buy at this price range than most other phones. Colour plays a huge role here as well as the potential buyers have a lot of choices to choose from.

On the front, the Desire 626 has a 5-inch 1280×720-pixel display that is adequately sharp for a mid range phone and has 294 ppi. Above that sits a 5MP selfie camera along with the usual sensors that are found on every other phone. On the phone’s right, is the volume rocker and below it stands the lock/unlock button. On the bottom edge of the phone sits a micro-USB port and on the left side of the phone is a microSD card slot which helps to expand your phone storage up to 2TB. On the rear side is an 8MP camera with an LED flash which have been shifted to the extreme left side like other phones like the Desire 820 and others.

A Disappointing Performance
The Desire 626 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.1GHz quad-core 201 processor which is slower than Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor which is found on most mid-range phones. Though the benchmark tests don’t show much of a difference, however, in real world the difference is pretty noticeable. The slow processor is coupled with 1.5GB of RAM which makes things even worse. Gameplay is often depressing since the most basic games lag quite too often.
Booting-up the phone also takes quite some time as compared to other phones. While most devices only take 30 seconds, the Desire 626 on the other hand takes more than 50 seconds. On the contrary, clicking pictures is relatively fast on this phone. Shot-to-shot time including autofocus only takes 2 seconds which is pretty good by most accounts as this is something that is only seen in premium devices.

Average Camera Quality
The camera app of this phone is really easy to use. Controls for managing flash and for switching from photo to video mode are right there on the screen which makes things much simpler. Another press of button switches on the front-facing camera. Settings are well laid out and can be toggled by even those who are very less knowledge about them. As is seen on other HTC phones, this one also includes Zoe which is used to create video highlights of the clips and the stills that you’ve taken on your phone.

The camera’s image quality is much better than others. Photos come out to be brighter and better when there is ample light, however, when light is low the photos can be a bit unpleasant. Photos taken indoors aren’t sharp as is the case with high-grade cameras which is somewhat expected from the camera. Low-light shots come out to be flat and dull with lots of smudgy edges around them and are rigged with visible noise.

The front 5-megapixel camera, however, is a powerful shooter and produces accurate colours in abundant lighting. Video quality of the phone is a bummer since you can often notice grainy colour and stuttering even when clicked outdoors with lots of light. In case the subject breaks from the frame, then a motion blur is also visible seen.

An Unimposing Battery life
The Desire 626 makes use of a 2,000mAh battery that can easily give 7.5 hours of battery life in standard looping video tests. The number is definitely less than what most other phones have to offer in 2015. Leaving the champs like Moto G 3rd-Gen aside from the competition, even phones like Huawei P8 Lite are able to crank out 8 hours or more.
However, if you don’t push your phone to the limits and use it lightly, you should be able to eke out an entire day on a single charge; however, frequent users will have to run to the port often before it turns its back on you.

Summin’ it Up
The HTC Desire 626 has a fresh design and a wallet-friendly price. However, the poor performance of the phone is beyond mercy, especially when today you can expect phone’s to perform better at a price cheaper than that. Smartphones are all about performance. One gets over the looks in a month or so and after that its performance that matters and that’s exactly the source of problem for the HTC Desire 626. Looking at HTC’s current dwindling situation, I would have really loved to give HTC a pat on the back had the phone been great, but I just can’t.

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