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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Blog / Review of Moto X Play – A Capable Yet Odd Phone in Moto’s Lineup

Review of Moto X Play – A Capable Yet Odd Phone in Moto’s Lineup

You might have heard people saying that smartphones today have changed drastically than the ones that were found on the shelves two or three years ago. Undoubtedly, that is true but what’s strange is that smartphone makers have changed in a drastic way too because of which this change has been possible. They are not just upgrading processors and cameras anymore, they are basically adding features that are actually able to connect with the people in their daily lives.

Motorola is one such company which started off this trend and is abiding by it in a true manner. The company just released the new iterations of their Moto G and Moto X devices and the interesting part is that this time, the company released two Moto X phones. We’ve told you about one of them, the Moto X Pure Edition (also known as the Moto X Style). Today, however, we’ll be reviewing the Moto X Play. Positioning of the Moto X Play is rather strange in the company’s line-up. It’s priced less than Moto X Style, and resembles it in features, however, is somewhat costlier than the budget-friendly Moto G. Let’s see whether it will prove to be a bang for your buck or not.

Cleverly Built and Designed
Motorola has always crafted a unique niche of its own when it comes to phone designs. Whether it’s the all time favourite Moto G or the high-end Moto X, Moto’s phones have always stood a class apart from the remaining lot in design and build quality. Unlike, companies like Samsung and Apple which bring minute changes in their subsequent iterations which sometimes pisses people, Moto on the other hand, starts designing their successive models from the scratch.

Moto X Play has also been cleverly designed both – from the inside and from the outside as well. The X Play is built from a cheap yet sturdy plastic injected metal that makes the overall build quality of the phone pretty solid. On the front is a 1080p 5.5-inch display with a surprisingly thin amount of bezels. The screen on the front is accompanies Moto’s signature front speakers along with a front camera and a bunch of sensors. The phone’s rear houses a premium quality, soft to touch plastic pattern which embeds the phone’s 21MP rear camera, the LED flash along with the Moto logo.

Specs and figures under the hood might not be the best-in-class since it the OnePlus 2 offers a better specsheet than this one at a much better price, still they aren’t too bad as well. You’ll find Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor with 2GB of RAM and in-built storage option of 16GB or 32GB with the availability of microSD expansion.

Turbocharged Performance
The Moto X Play makes use of the Snapdragon 615 processor which might look like an adult in the lot of young powerful processors, but at no point of time will you find the X Play to lag or struggle with your daily tasks. Sure, other flagships like the Galaxy S6 and LG G4 will perform a little better than the X Play but the difference isn’t significant.
Some people might even complain about the inclusion of 2GB RAM while other manufacturers are now giving 3GB and even 4GB of RAM, but the truth is that the Moto X Play simply glides over tasks when it comes to performance. So, that 2GB RAM doesn’t ends up being a bummer. Moreover, Moto has always allowed users to expand storage with the inclusion of a microSD slot which makes a lot of difference.

Striking Display and Sound Quality
While most manufacturers are gearing up for 4K displays and some of them have even launched devices with these high resolution displays, the controversial fact is that beyond a Full-HD, one can hardly tell any difference about the quality of the screen and while the world keeps arguing on the usefulness of this innovation, Moto on the other hand, silently released its Moto X Play with a 1080p 5.5-inch screen which according to us is sumptuous and beautiful.

The display panel is an IPS one since Moto switched to it leaving behind the AMOLED type behind and though IPS displays don’t really match the AMOLED in terms of lustre, but Moto seems to have incorporated certain software tricks so as to bring it at par with AMOLED. Viewing angles are just perfect and the screen seems to work great under direct sunlight too.

The Moto X Play has two front facing speakers where the top one works as a speaker for calls and the one down below is basically the loudspeaker. Though one can’t match them in terms of sound quality to Samsung or HTC, even then, they sound pretty amazing. Sound clarity is crystal clear and one can hardly hear any sort of noise. According to Moto, the speakers of Moto X phones this year have been made from special materials which basically help it to stand out from the crowd.

A ‘Day-Time’ Camera
Motorola has always received criticism for creating sub-quality cameras, be it the Moto G or the Nexus 6. This time, however, Motorola has shown significant improvement while designing the 21MP camera of the Moto X. A lot of people will assume that the camera of Moto X Play is exactly same to the one found in Moto X Style. This is true but not entirely. Cameras of both the phones share the same sensor, however, Moto X Play lacks 4K video shooting capabilities unlike its elder brother.
That said, the camera of Moto X Play is a highly capable one. Photos come out bright and well-detailed when there is ample light. The software experience too is a pleasant one since the company decided to keep the setting similar to that found on Stock Android. In absence of sufficient lighting, however, the camera of Moto X Play performs just as miserably as the Moto X Style does. Photos turn out to be noisy and unless you click your subject with a very steady hand, you might even get blurry photos too.

Summin’ it Up
Like we told earlier, the Moto X Play occupies a strange spot amongst the handsets. Spec-wise the phone is nothing less than premium and though the camera performs in an ugly manner during low-light, it is definitely not the worst one. Phone’s performance is simply epic and so is its colossal 3,660mAh battery which can keep your Moto X Play awake for a whole day.
However, considering the price of the phone, it is still hard to say as how the people will perceive it especially when you have phones like OnePlus 2 and others that offer much better specs and a much better performing camera at almost half the price. While we certainly consider it as a highly capable phone, however even then, we think there was no need for Moto to launch it.

Think differently about the new Moto X Play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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