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Monday , May 10 2021
Home / Latest posts / Review of UE Boom 2 – The Best Bluetooth Speakers Out There

Review of UE Boom 2 – The Best Bluetooth Speakers Out There

When the UE Boom speaker first came out a few years ago, it became the hot favourite of many around the world in absolutely no time. Not only did it bag the top spot in the ‘best Bluetooth speaker’ category, but it also became one of the best tech products of all times. These compact speakers that cost only $200 sounded amazing and could give you a high-def audio quality for more than 15 hours on a single charge. Another interesting aspect of these speakers was that they sounded great and looked way better than any Bluetooth speaker out there.

Ultimate Ears or UE is a Logitech owned company which soon began revolutionising the design of the UE Boom after the speaker’s worldwide success. The company later offered a larger version of the speaker which was sold by the name Megaboom and two smaller versions of this speaker that went by the name Mini Boom and UE Roll. The company has now rolled out another iteration of the iconic UE Boom and have named it appropriately too – the UE Boom 2. Wondering whether it keeps up to that name? Well, let’s check out…

Sturdy Built and Design
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the UE Boom 2 is certainly one of the most well designed Bluetooth speakers. Its cylindrical design makes it identical to its predecessor in terms of design; however, the two are surprisingly different at some points. The images might be deceiving and you might think the Boom 2 to be a bit taller, however, that’s not the case since it roughly measures a little more than a glass of beer.

In terms of built quality, UE definitely revamped things by making the Boom 2 water and dust proof. The speakers come with IPX 7 standard waterproofing which means it can stay underwater for quite some time at a specific level. The speaker’s charging and auxiliary ports have been sealed with gasket and small sized flap doors. Apart from that, the buttons for volume, power and Bluetooth control are a lot chunkier this time.

The speaker grille of these speakers is different too. Unlike the speakers of any other Bluetooth speaker, this one has its speaker tightly weaved in a material. This makes the entire gadget resistant to water and dust. So, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker which you can take to the beach while you fool around or even throw in the water, the UE Boom 2 is just the right one.

Tap and Play
Apart from making the entire device resistant to water and dust, Ultimate Ears added another useful feature to the Boom 2 and that is an accelerometer. It enables its users to pause/play or skip to the next song by simply tapping on the speaker’s top. For that, you’ll have to pick the speaker up so that the accidental taps can be prevented. The Boom 2 then recognises that you’re holding it and once it does, tapping onto its top one time will simply pause/play the song. Tapping two times quickly will make the speaker skip to the next song. The feature is neat in its functionality and is super useful especially when your phone isn’t around.

Excellent Sound Quality
In terms of sound quality, one can hardly complete with the Boom 2. At normal volumes, it offers the same sound quality like the original UE Boom. There aren’t many speakers of this size that offer an audio quality that good, but that’s because the company has invested way more time in research and development rather than anything else. UE also claims the Boom 2 to be 25% louder as compared to the original UE Boom and while the Boom 2 is definitely louder, it’s hard to say whether it is precisely 25 percent louder or not.

The speakers also come rigged with digital processing which makes them sound a little cleaner at high volumes. It also prevents the music from getting distorted whenever you raise the volume. This is something which is extremely common these days amongst small speakers like B&W’s T7 and Jawbone’s Jambox. In case of Boom 2, this digital processing is applied in a witty manner that most people won’t even notice; however, it becomes more noticeable by turning it louder.

Better Wireless Reception
While the original Boom’s wireless range was amongst the best when it came to Bluetooth speakers and in case of Boom 2 this range is noticeably improved. The original UE Boom could receive a signal even if your phone was in another room or if it was in your pocket which was highly impressive. The Boom 2 is even better as it can receive the signal from across the house. The original Boom will stutter at the same distance, but the new one worked perfectly. The battery charge also lasts exceptionally long and the Boom 2 can easily work for 15 hours or more on a single charge.

Summing’ it Up
The UE Boom 2 is a great successor to the legendary UE Boom which found many takers owing to its mediocre price tag, exceptionally great looks and performance. This device works with just any Bluetooth device be it an iPod or a Tizen phone. One can also download a dedicated app for the speaker which is available on Apple and Google Play Store which gives the UE Boom 2 extra capability which include the adjustment of the speaker’s sound. Apart from that, one can even pair two UE Boom 2 speakers or a Boom 2 with UE Roll or a Megaboom so as to create identical speaker nodes. Firmware updates will be coming through the app so downloading the app is definitely worth it.

Whether you are new to the concept of Bluetooth speakers or someone who is simply looking forward to upgrade his/her distorted old speakers, the UE Boom 2 can prove to be a great buy. They are durable, they sound good and they are exceptionally good looking. Currently there are millions of Bluetooth speakers out there and you might want to buy the best amongst them. The thing is, UE Boom 2 is the best!

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