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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Samsung Might Launch a Foldable Display Smartphone in January 2016

Samsung Might Launch a Foldable Display Smartphone in January 2016

Samsung has always stood out when it comes to mobile displays. Earlier we told you about Samsung’s plans of bringing a 11K display for smartphones in the coming years which according to them will give birth to 3-D mobile displays. The Korean tech giant is again in news for its ambitious innovative plan for mobile displays and this time Samsung is hoping to stay miles ahead from its competitors by launching a smartphone with foldable display in January next year.

The source of this news, who hails from China, claims to have a wide amount of knowledge about Samsung’s this project which according to him is being called as Project Valley. The device is currently in its testing phase where the company is testing its two variants that differ in their hardware configurations. This rumoured device which will have a foldable display might be launched in January 2016 and would come with 3GB RAM, a micro-SD slot and a non-removable battery.

According to latest reports about Samsung’s latest endeavours, this device will work like a testbed for Snapdragon’s latest flagship CPU, the 820 chipset. Irrespective of what this device is and how it looks, the world seems to be heavily excited about Samsung’s first foldable display device that will have the power of changing the entire course of today’s smartphone industry. While this is definitely going to be a groundbreaking invention by Samsung, however, as of now we can only patiently wait till the time the device actually gets launched next year.

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