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Tuesday , August 3 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Sarvangasana is a Blessing for Asthma Patients, Cures it permanently!

Sarvangasana is a Blessing for Asthma Patients, Cures it permanently!

If we tell you that you can compile all the benefits of workout in one yoga posture, would you believe it? [su_quote]Well, believe it or not, but when it comes to Sarvangasana, the goodness of complete workout is ensured in this versatile yoga posture.[/su_quote]

As a much advanced yoga posture, Sarvangasana is a healthy delight that ensures various health benefits for a yoga practitioner. From strengthening the internal body ‘core’ to curing Asthma permanently, Sarvangasana is a strong yoga workout with many advantages and healthy promises. Also known as the ‘candle’ asana, Sarvangasana strives to attain the straight body pose. It is vital for the body glands and improves the body functioning in a unanimous manner.

The 7-Step process of doing Sarvangasana

Step 1: Lie straight on the ground and keep your legs together.
Step 2: Place your hands in the waistline and raise your legs to 90 degrees.
Step 3: Lift your waist and bring the leg in a forward direction.
Step 4: Put the whole weight of your body in the shoulders.
Step 5: Count in between 50 to 100 and maintain the pose.
Step 6: Land safely by lowering the legs, toes and back slowly.
Step 7: Take rest before repeating the second round.

What are the various Health Benefits of Doing Sarvangasana?


  • Overall Organ Management: From blood circulatory system to respiratory and digestive system, Sarvangasana ensures the effective functioning of all the major body organs in a human body.
  • Helps Blood Flow and Purification: Since Sarvangasana follows a reverse osmosis process, it enables easy flow of blood into the throat and thyroid glands. The entire process is highly beneficial for the favorable flow of blood.
  • Ensures Ease in Cure: Not just for the problems related to asthma but also for some sexual disorders and drives. Regulate the natural call with the help of Sarvangasana! For other diseases like hernia, menstrual disorder, kidney problems, and skin related diseases, this asana can be beneficial.
  • Regulate ENT related Disorders:Sarvangasana is regarded as the most useful practice to cure and regulate Ear, Nose and Throat related problems.
  • Natural Hair Treatment: Are you suffering from hair loss or graying of hairs? If that is the case, then Sarvangasana is the call for you. Put an end to all hair related problems with this yoga posture.
  • Improves the Eye Sight: Opening the eye pores, Sarvangasana lowers the dullness and dimness in vision and hearing. It also induces the power of smelling in nose.
  • Cures Control Disorder: If you are suffering from masturbation, bet wetting, loss of seminal fluid and any other control related disorder, then choose Sarvangasana to gain control and power.
  • Curable Power: Asthma, liver problems, intestinal disorders, constipation, diabetes and insomnia- Sarvangasana ensures the best curable powers for these issues.

In case you are suffering for high blood pressure, heart problems, capillary, aging, slipped disc or spondylosis, avoid doing Sarvangasana as a yoga practice.

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