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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Entertainment / Shine Under True Colors of HOLI with Safety Tips

Shine Under True Colors of HOLI with Safety Tips

The festival of colors, happiness and time of celebration is all about Holi. Holi festival has an ancient origin and celebrates the success of ‘good’ over ‘bad.’ This colorful festival bridges the social gap and renews sweet relationships in people. On this day, people hug and wish each other ‘Happy Holi’ along with dabbing colors on each other. Here, we have some tips on this holi that can lighten up your joy and make you shine under colors safely.

Tips for Your Skin

“Try and use natural, skin-friendly colors”

“Wear clothes that cover you as much skin as possible”

“Try to keep your skin moisturized topically, and hydrated. Chalk, silica powder and ground glass in many colors can dry and harm your skin badly leaving rashes”

“It is good to go for a pre-Holi clean-up. This is essential to remove residual grease and dirt which can react with the chemicals in the color and cause skin allergies or acne flare-ups”

“Do not forget to apply a film of Vaseline or any of the dense oils over the exposed body parts, leave it on for up to a few minutes and then apply some sun protector”

Tips for Your Nails

“Avoid going for a manicure finish before Holi. The colour stains are almost impossible to remove”

“Apply Vaseline generously over and under the nails if they are polish-free. This will protect them from discoloration”

Tips for Your Feet

“If the skin on your heels has a dead skin build-up or is broken, take care of it before getting into any color play. Colors can reach your cracks and stay there for several months”

Tips for Your Hair

“First of all stay away from bleaching or highlights because Holi colours can turn your lightened hair a totally unwanted pink, green or purple, giving it a speckled effect”

“You must oil your hair before going out. Use either castor oil or any of the denser varieties of oils. This will prevent the colors from oozing into the cuticles. Color seepage into hair can’t be totally prevented; the less you have to wash your hair, the better they will be ”

“Ponytail the hair or tie it up”

“If you need a root touch-up, get it done before the festival as the gulaal can stick to your hair”


Rest assured the single stroke of colors would paint a few new pictures in your life.

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