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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Shiv Sena Cancels Pakistani-Singer Ghulam Ali’s Concert in Mumbai: Is India Ready to Carry the Burden of Shame and Hatred?

Shiv Sena Cancels Pakistani-Singer Ghulam Ali’s Concert in Mumbai: Is India Ready to Carry the Burden of Shame and Hatred?

With an idea to pay a musical tribute to ‘The King of Ghazals’ Jagjit Singh on his 4th death anniversary, the legendary Ghazal maestro Ustad Ghulam Ali was here in India. He was scheduled to perform a live concert at Mumbai’s Shanmukhananda Hall on Friday. But the kind tribute was assaulted as Shiv Sena brought in the indo-pak hatred in-between!

The cancellation of the concert that was followed after the ‘uncalled’ interference of Shiv Sena brought an utter disgrace to India as a democratic country. It all started when the Ghazal Maestro Ustad Ghulam Ali landed to India for paying a musical tribute to Jagjit Singh. His performance was scheduled at the Shanmukhananda Hall of Mumbai on Friday. But on Wednesday, the film industry arm of Shiv Sena ‘The Chitrapat Sena’ submitted a formal letter to the admistrations of Shanmukhananda hall, asking them to withdraw the event. Akshay Badrapurkar, the man who led the delegation for Chitrapat Sena, said that our soldiers and civilians are losing their precious lives on the border and in such a situation; we will not allow any Pakistani to perform on our soil. Going further with the aggressive approach, the political group threatened the management to initiate a ‘Sena-Style’ protest.


What Shiv Sena Has to Say!

According to Shiv Sena, they were not against Ustad Ghulam Ali in particular. They have that respect for art and culture but they will no way allow a Pakistani resident to come, perform and make money in India. The tension at the Indian border is a serious issue that Shiv Sena is not ready to accept. The recent death of four Indian Army men has instigated the situation in the worst manner.

Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis on the Issue!

Calling the scenario ‘unfortunate’, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, said that the government was completely willing to offer protection to the event. As they say ‘The Show Must Go On’! Somewhere down the line, it is unfortunate to see a world sensation getting humiliated because of the indo-Pakistan bitterness. Fadnavis added that Maharashtra has always welcomed Pakistani singers, just like our singers and actors get love from Pakistan. The idea is to respect each other’s culture, talent and art. What is the point of bringing politics into the cultural situation?, added Fadnavis!

Ghulam Ali’s Concert

‘Not Angry but hurt’, says Ustad Ghulam Ali!

Expressing his love to India and fans, Ustad Ghulam Ali said that he is not angry with the development, but rather very hurt! It was only six months back when he came to Varanasi (India) for paying homage to the shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan. The amount of love and respect that I have always received in India is a surprise to him. People don’t care about the politics” added Ustad Ghulam Ali while in conversation with NDTV.

Arvind Kejrewal Tweets the News of Ustad Ghulam Ali’s Concert in Delhi


Is India Ready to Carry the Burden of Shame and Hatred?

We understand the outrage, the anger of loss and the frustration of unending conflicts! It is indeed sad and disheartening. But nowhere down the line, has it given us the access or power to abuse others. Love begets love and so does the hatred. While India should have celebrated the contribution of Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh on his 4th death anniversary, we should not have spoilt the moment will the fit of anger. Churning a political conflict out of the presentation of art and culture is something not acceptable.

We Indians cannot carry this burden of Shame and Hatred! It is against our constructive beliefs.

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