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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Technology / A Simple Tool to Secure Your Android Phone

A Simple Tool to Secure Your Android Phone

Smart phones are not just phones; they are the best part of our life. Our globe has changed to smart world where our day starts and ends with a Smartphone in hand.  Whether you are searching for information, sending e-mails, posting on facebook, and planning for a holiday—smart phone is the front way. Although smart phones have not replaced the PCs but still they are meeting our needs that was only possible with PCs or laptops



Install antivirus


Protect Your Handset…..

An unprotected Smartphone could prove to be an easy target for hackers. To guard against malicious apps and OS breaches, I suggest Antivirus Security free by AVG Mobile, mobile Security and antivirus by Avast software, or Norton Security Antivirus. In most of the cases, the free versions get the job done. These tools check the apps you install into your phone for suspicious behavior and even shield your phone from rogue websites. Most free versions can track phones in case it is stolen. It sounds an alarm to help you locate it.


Important Tip: Always choose and run single antivirus software on your handset.


How to snap the thief?

If you are looking for a tool that will help you identify the person who has stolen your Smartphone, install Lockwatch Anti-theft by Blocktech. This app basically uses the front camera to click the photo of the thief who has attempted to unlock your phone with the wrong code. Then it will e-mail you the picture along with GPS location. Thus it would be easier to track and locate the intruder. The best part of Lockwatch is functionality; it works silently in the background, so a person trying to gain access to your phone does not even knows he’s being photographed.


How to track your device?

With Prey Anti theft installed on your phone, you can track its geographical location as well as control the phone remotely. If there is no internet connection, you can send SMS command to the device to receive its geographical details. You can remotely lock the screen, sound an alarm, take a picture of the crook, and even wipe the data from the phone.

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  1. Very nice and valuable Information. I m very concerned about phone security, I think android phone have more security risks because people do lot of experiment with free technolgies and find the way to brake security. I have found one another app “android lost” for the same purpose . I like this app because It gives many more options to get more control over phone when you lost your phone like theft alarm, gps access, change access code, voice recording, video recording through sms.

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