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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Humor / Social Media Trolled Modi for Calling Prakash Singh Badal ‘The Nelson Mandela of India’

Social Media Trolled Modi for Calling Prakash Singh Badal ‘The Nelson Mandela of India’

[su_quote]While paying tribute to the socialist leader Jayaprakash Narayan on the occasion of his birth anniversary during an event in Delhi, it seems like PM Modi got a bit carried away. Modi took to Twitter for expressing his take on the CM of Punjab Mr. Prakash Singh Badal.[/su_quote]

The PMO India recently shared a hilarious (Not intended) tweet that took Twitter to storm! By calling Prakash Singh Badal ‘The Nelson Mandela of India’, PM Modi became the target of a ‘butt of a joke’ that ridiculed the exaggeration in praising.
Mr. Badal, who has been a controversial figure in Punjab, was earlier booked for the ‘Provision of Corruption’ in the year 2003. Early 2015 also came as another shock for Badals after the death of a teen girl and her mother who were apparently injured, molested and thrown from a running bus in Punjab. The bus was operated by a company owned by Badal and is badly reputed for reckless driving and insensitive attitude towards passengers. If rumors are to believe, then Badal settled the case outside of court for a sum of 30 Lakh that was paid to the decedent’s family.

#YoBadalSoMandela Hashtag Trends on Twitter:

Comparing a leader cum freedom fighter like Nelson Mandela to Prakash Singh Badal was not accepted by a lot of people. As Twitter and Facebook trends with the Hashtag #YoBadalSoMandela, there are some hilarious messages that we would love to share with you.

RIP Abraham Lincoln


Sad but true- this man is making a point!


Illogical Quiz: The Best one fails!


Haha! The Fact that Vasco Da Gama Loves Travelling 😛 😛 😛

yo modi 2

Fingers Crossed 😀


She Nailed it 😀


Yet again… double cheers!


Sorry Roger… We Still Love You!

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