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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena is Thankful to India for Funding Several Projects in the Neighboring Nation

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena is Thankful to India for Funding Several Projects in the Neighboring Nation

A helpful neighborhood is indeed a blessing- somebody who could understand your needs and work hand in hand for the purpose of constructive development. Thanks to India for being such a neighbor to Sri Lanka!


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The prestigious President of Sri Lanka, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena recently shared his heartfelt thanks to the Indian Government for funding a series of welfare projects in the country. Sri Lanka has recently inaugurated an International Centre that is funded by none other than the Indian Government. During the inaugurating ceremony of Mahatma Gandhi International Centre in Sri Lanka Central Town Matale Town on November 22, the President shared his loving regards for India as a helpful neighboring nation.

India’s contribution in the Mahatma Gandhi International Centre:

The Mahatma Gandhi International Centre is constructed at a total cost of Sri Lankan Rs. 88.6 million that is equaling dollar 6.1 Lakh in total. It is notable that the Indian Government has funded the complete costing of the International Centre, putting it under the ‘Development Cooperation Partnership’ signed between India and Sri Lanka.

On the occasion of inaugurating the International Centre, the Sri Lankan President noted the endless contribution of Mahatma Gandhi towards humanity. Referring to his religious tolerance, the Sri Lankan President said that Gandhi was linked with both Hinduism and Buddhism.

It is notable that at this time point of time, India is helping and funding a series of projects in Sri Lanka that also includes the much awaited Indian Housing Project. Under this project, about 50,000 houses will be constructed in Sri Lanka. As per the reports, the project is flourishing well as 39,500 houses have been already constructed.

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