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Monday , June 21 2021
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Suitable advice for wives and husbands

No relation is perfect, all marriages have some problems. It might be easy to think that others are very happy, why can’t I be happy in my married life? Actually it is an illusion, you might have problems in your married life and others could have some different sort of conflicts in their married life. All marriages can be improved and be successful if both husband and wife will come one stride forward. Marriage is a wonderful creation by God; it must be saved like the most precious gemstone. There is a dire need to accept the truth that it is a most pure and sacred relation that should inspire couples to put more effort into making their relation stronger than ever.

First of all here is an advice for husbands:

  • Our society is a male dominated society. Still there is common thought running in your mind that the wife’s place is doing all the household chores and taking care of children. Fix in your mind that husband and wife are meant to work together as a team to create a happy environment in your home. Do not take woman for granted, she needs appreciation and love. Rather than criticizing, compliment her job she is doing while handing your home. Especially today she deserves to have something more than compliment where she is capable to balance office and home at the same time. Sometimes, you should give her break by taking her out to dinner where you can talk and relax together and spend some cozy moments. Definitely, both of you will get a refreshment out of busy and hectic life. Undoubtedly, God has gifted ladies with loads of patience they naturally can look after the kids and the household. With a cheerful face they can just perform their duties everyday and 24×7.


  • Never talk negative about your wife to others, whatever weaknesses your wife has. It should never be bandied in public especially by you. It’s too bad to have on by a woman if her husband is doing so. When you keep on ignoring her then you must give her reason for the nagging. You should at least look at her good traits and boast about those. When you let everyone know how much you love your wife, it really makes her feel proud to chose you.



  • Listen to her problems and concerns, allow her to speak and express herself. Don’t try to be formal, show her interest that yes I am inquisitive to know the problems you are facing. Try to sort out her issues and give her right solutions to the problems.


  • Do not spend your much time in TV or laptop after returning home, instead, sit and chat with your wife while helping her in kitchen doing dishes, preparing dinner or whatever she might be doing. Do this at least twice a week and you will see how happy your wife will be. Actually, women are emotional they are more tempted towards emotional attachments.

Advice for all wives:

  • Men are less emotional as compared to women behavior or even it may seem that they are insensitive with no emotions. However, this is not a necessary fact. They may show their feelings and thoughts in a different ways as compared to women. It’s simply a matter of understanding, how you handle them.


  • Always show your appreciation to him, if he is doing something out of ordinary. For instance, he is cooking a delicious dish. You have to praise and thank him rather than being sarcastic. Don’t forget that men have very huge ego, if any unsought thing touch their ego they can’t try it again.



  • Men love to be pampered, so pamper him and he will love and care you more for it. Sometimes they can’t show their love therefore don’t get down, they may reward you in future or before other people.


  • Don’t you ever nag behind your husband and if you need something to be done then ask him in a nice manner. They are very kind-hearten and always expect respect from wife. Now it’s totally depends upon you whether you respect or not.

So, these were some of the many tips that intend to help to improve your married life.

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