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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Motivation / How to Be a “Super Dad” on Earth

How to Be a “Super Dad” on Earth

1. Show love, affection and respect to your child’s mother in front of their eyes

2. Spend quality time with your child

3. A father can work for very long hours every day, but the child once grows up will never be small ever again

father and child

4. Giving orders are fine, but a father needs to be a patient listener

5. Discipline the kids but do not forget to reward the child for the good work


6. Books are the best friends read bedtime stories for them every day

7. A Father must hug the child once in a day a bear hug

8. The whole family should eat one meal together where the kids open up and can express themselves

new images

9. A father can be the role model of the child. They look upon their father for security, strong will power, advice and confidence

10. There should be an off day for mothers and fathers should take the responsibility of the house and kids for one day

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