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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Surpassing the US, India will have the second highest number of 402 mn Internet users by the end of this year: IAMAI Report

Surpassing the US, India will have the second highest number of 402 mn Internet users by the end of this year: IAMAI Report

If statistics are to believe, then the number will rise up to 462 million by June 2016, bringing more people online from India.

Quite soon- India will be the nation of the highest number of Internet users, accessing the internet through their respective mobile devices! As reported by the Indian Express, a recent survey conducted by IAMAI has suggested the growth of Internet users in India with the whopping 49 percent. The rise is in comparison to the last year statistics.


What exactly the report has to say?

As per the report, India has already reached the mark of 276 million Internet users by October 2015. The estimated rise of 402 million users is suggested by the end of this year. The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is professionally designated to keep a check on the growing needs of connectivity and internet usage in India.

India has almost taken a decade’s time in moving from ‘10 million’ mark to ‘100 million’ bracket. But just within the duration of three years, the nation has doubled the usage. Adding yet another year on the list, India is now a country with 400 million users. As per the report shared by IAMAI, India is surely a nation where the internet is in the mainstream.

IAMAI has suggested that most of the people in India are using the internet through mobile devices. From 300 million last year, the number has grown to 375 million in October and is nearly estimated to rise by 402 million by December. Currently, India is the third largest user of Internet services in the world, and it seems that the number is likely to increase. India is on the verge to overtaking the US, the second largest Internet user. According to the reports, China is the first largest supplier with 600 million users.

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