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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad Pays a Surprise Visit to Moscow

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad Pays a Surprise Visit to Moscow

Syria has been making headlines for all the distressing reasons since a long time. It’s again in the news, however, this time the news is more of a surprise than a distress. <a href=””>Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad</a> has made a silent visit to Moscow. This is probably his very first overseas trip since 2011 when the civil war broke out and ruptured the very roots of the nation. During his surprise visit, he talked with Russia’ President Vladimir Putin.


Russia recently launched air strikes at Syria last month against the Islamic State (IS) and other kinds of militant groups which were battling Assad’s forces. Mr Asad told that because of Russia’s involvement, the spread of “terrorism” has stopped right there and isn’t becoming “widespread and harmful.” On his part, Putin said that that Moscow believes in providing a long term solution to this problem by the participation of various nations, political forces and ethnic groups.

The visit happened in Russia on Tuesday evening, however, it was not announced until Wednesday until Mr Assad returned to Damascus. Although it was a brief meeting, however, by hosting the Syrian leader Putin wanted to tell a clear message to the West that Russia is a key player in the Middle East and no solution can ever be reached in case of Syria’s conflict without the involvement of Russia. Moreover, President Assad’s surprise visit is a sign of his growing confidence since he now feels safe to leave Damascus since the civil war broke out in Syria.

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