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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / Take Your 360-degree image With Google’s New Street View App

Take Your 360-degree image With Google’s New Street View App

Almost everyone is acquainted with Google’s Street View which can help you get an idea about any location on Earth. To make this experience more personalised, the company has just released an all new Street View app which not only lets users navigate the Earth by giving them a 360-degree view but it also allows them to shoot their own 360-degree photos which the users can then upload directly on this app.

The app has gained a lot of popularity amongst the users all around the world in a very short span of time. After downloading the app, you can browse the ‘Collections’ tab for seeing similar imagery of a certain kind like museums or zoos etc. On the ‘Explore’ tab you can see the Street View imagery of that particular place. Another tab, ‘Profile’, lets its users see the photo spheres that they and others seem to have shared on Google Maps while the ‘Private’ tab will take you to the 360-degree images you’ve shot but haven’t shared publicly.

The overall user interface of the app is pretty easy and can be learned in a jiffy. An orange button is present in the app’s lower right corner which basically takes the user to some sort of photo-sphere camera from almost anywhere in the app. The orange dot then directs you towards an optimal direction where you should actually point your phone in. As of now, the app will be available for the users of both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

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