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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Thank You Kerala- India gets the first Transgender Policy through Kerala

Thank You Kerala- India gets the first Transgender Policy through Kerala

A secular democracy is a marathon where everybody takes the ride of equality! Going hand in hand together, the citizens of a democratic nation are blessed with the delight of companionship.

Unveiling the first of its kind transgender policy in the country, Kerala is all set to take the historic step of ending the social stigma towards any form of sexual minority. The non-discriminatory initiative will step forward to end the inherent biasness in the society. According to the statistics shared by Deccan Chronicle, there are less than 12 percent job opportunities for the transgender community. About 60 percent of them are focused to drop the school by the time they reach the 10th standard. The statistics also suggests that about 89 percent or more transgender face discrimination and ill-treatment in their lifetime.

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What do you need to know about the policy?

As per the state transgender policy, the idea to ensure job reservations and setting of an effective TGs Transgender Justice Board with remain the central concern of the policy. The underlying stigma with the concept of Transgender suggests the dearth of human values and morals. Transgender are not only excluded from the social affair but are also lacking in the economic and political spectrum. With the help of the policy, the government will now be able to analyze the unique needs of the transgender group. It is notable that the underlying policy will look forward to set separate toilets for TGs (just like the male and female toilets).

The transgender policy would clearly focus on the Right to Equality, Right to Dignity, Life without Violence, Right to Freedom of Expression, and Right to Equal Participation in Development. The transgender Justice Board and District-level transgender committees are the driving force behind this initiative. Congratulations Kerala– the wind of change is leading your way. Now this is the kind of initiated that the country (and the debate over intolerance) needs.

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