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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / The Bihar Verdict came with a lesson- Here is what the Government has to understand!

The Bihar Verdict came with a lesson- Here is what the Government has to understand!

Way back during the national elections, when the country voted for the BJP Government, the PM candidate Mr. Narendra Modi was a big hit. He was rather the ‘rebellious wind’ that was taking the entire country to storm.

We were saddened with the pinch of poverty- we wanted to end the culprit corruption- we were dreaming to bring the black money back to India, and we were hellbent for the wind of change. So then we stood forward…’united’ and voted for the BJP Government (and rather for Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi to be our lawful Prime Minister). But the Bihar elections have something else to say! The same set of people who elected the national party for central governance is not ready to share the same space with the state governance. Who is getting wrong and where is the misunderstanding taking place?

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The unrequited Promises:

The mirror of trust, when broken, never regains the strength back to normal! Did we felt cheated? Where is the success of all the reforms that were promised before the elections? The nation is still dealing with the ills of corruptions. Your government made the promise of best governance and economy. Far from reality, the dream is now broken!

We feel ‘Sick’ about the issues that are brewing nowadays:

GREATER NOIDA, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 29: Family members of Mohammad Akhlaq (50-year-old man) mourn during his funeral at their village in Bisada on September 29, 2015 in Greater Noida, India. Akhlaq was beaten to death and his son critically injured by a mob over an allegation of storing and consuming beef at home, late night on Monday, in UPs Dadri. Police and PAC were immediately deployed in the village to maintain law and order. Six persons were arrested in connection with the killing of man. (Photo by Burhaan Kinu/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)
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We understand that India, as a developing nation, is still progressing and we are more than willing to contribute and wait. But let’s accept it- the agenda has to be correct. We cannot spend endless nights and discussions in dealing with the beef ban or having pure ‘veg’ days. The shutting of international NGOs, the lynching of a man over religious intolerance, and the fanatic behavior of RSS towards anti-hindu thoughts are harming our secular performance.

Settle for us…with us:


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“Yeh Jo desh hai tera, swadesh hai mera”! I am sure when Shahrukh Khan, the pride of India, would have narrated that song in his movie; he would have never thought that one day the nation will ask him to leave the country! Calling him a Pakistani Agent, asking him to go back to Pakistan and comparing him with a stupid terrorist! How ridiculous has been the entire episode- all thanks to the BJP party members. Your curious desire to visit the entire globe is driving us crazy because the nation is seriously missing you. We want your command to be the final word.

That you are India’s Pride too:

As the Prime Minister of India, you have to understand that your spiritual home, RSS, is cursing our national society. It is destroying the core values of humanity and Hinduism in the name of tolerance. The ‘I hate Muslims, I hate Pakistan’ song is not a hit in the India chartbusters. Please get back to the economic agenda, cease your foreign trips, give priority to a Swachh conscience and set all the barriers down that hit India with corruption. Let’s do something great to raise the GDP. Let’s focus on the ever-promising ‘Make in India’ initiative

Your promises and ideas have motivated each and every India in the most desirable way. We don’t want to lose our dreams in the wake of intolerance.

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