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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / The Secret of Solid Abdominal Core and Wrist- The Crane Pose

The Secret of Solid Abdominal Core and Wrist- The Crane Pose

Do you know what crane symbolizes? While for some it is the symbol of youth, for others, it has the essence of longevity and happiness. Quite similar to this, the Bakasana or Crane Pose of yoga empowers all these qualities to ensure the best fitness results for human body, mind, and soul. Crane Pose requires a playful posture and a youthful grace. It is about the miracles of balancing that one attains while performing the position. As per the yoga practitioners, Bakasana induces a sense of lightness and joy in the performer, and this is the reason it is often regarded as a fun pose.


The 7 Steps of performing Bakasana:

  1. Place your yoga mat on the ground and sit in a squatting position.
  1. Try maintaining an equal distance between your knees, while keeping the feet flat and straight on the mat.
  1. Place your palms between both the knees. This has to be a flat practice. While maintaining the flat posture on the ground, elevate the knees and elbows at the same level.
  1. Lift both the legs up and bend the torso in a forward direction.
  1. Your whole body balance has to be on the palms and nothing else.
  1. While maintaining the posture, keep your eyes and gaze straight.
  1. Slowly and steadily, go back to the standard Tadasana position with feet down on the ground.


The 4 main benefits of Crane Pose:

  • Strengthens the abdominal core: Since most the elevation weight is in the abdominal region, Crane Pose can tone various muscles in the core region. A solid abdominal core is the finest gift of Crane Pose.
  • A flexible back: Crane Pose stretches the upper back of the human body, making it fairly flexible. With Bakasana, you can improve the elasticity of your spine.
  • An act of balancing: Just like most of the yoga asana, Bakasana strives for inner peace and balance. This lends you the power to concentrate- to have an aimless focus. Needless to say, the asana is helpful in learning coordination (if practiced on a regular basis).

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