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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Think Rationally …and Be A Man!

Think Rationally …and Be A Man!

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus- Did you know this before John Gray told this in his book? It would be a ‘No’ from most of the readers. It’s strange that all such statements have so much impact on how all of us think. But if we move out of these mars Venus stereotypes, men and women both can be like each other in the way they act and think.

Women don’t generally have the upper hand in the decisions made at workplace and otherwise. May be because men are way too much rational than women, may be because they worry less, or may be because they don’t want to be perfectionists in everything they do. Okay girls! We’ll not bully you more.

So let’s go through some tips that can make you think more rationally (or like men)


  • Don’t jump over the worst-case scenario

There is no denying in the fact that women worry far more than men—about anything and everything. It’s not like men never freak out-they do. But they take a hard and honest look over a situation and take appropriate actions. Women on the other hand worry more, think less and act zero, which makes them less practical and efficient.

Be a man– Whenever a problem comes by; don’t directly jump over to the worst case scenario. Think of the ways you can use to handle the problem and tell your mind to worry a little less. Force yourself out of that ‘worst-case scenario’ because nothing is written in stone and you can always change the way you think.


  • Talk more and speak less

(I am sorry women) But women have a natural tendency of talking less and beating more around the bush. To think like a man, you’ll have to be straight forward in expressing your thoughts about any topic. This would leave you from the unnecessary extended conversation, which is not very good most of the times. Men simply ask for what they want and get along.

Be a man: To think like a man be straight forward in your demands and decisions. This will save time, energy and would leave you with better results at the end. Men don’t like to think too much, which is why they are simple, calm and clear cut in their decisions. It’ll be difficult at first, but you’ll have to tell yourself to talk more substantially and be straight forward.


  • Stop over-expecting from yourself

Firstly pat on your back to be a wonderful daughter, wife, and mother. Secondly, accept that you are doing enough of whatever you are into, because you can’t make everyone on the earth happy. And there is no need to do that! You don’t have to be a perfectionist in every work.

Be a man: The house was a total mess; he came and cleaned 20% of it.

A man’s reaction: Looks fine and it’ll work for me.   Woman’s reaction: Excuse me…get out of the house right now and don’t enter till I clean all this up.

This is what makes the difference. After making your boss happy, and exhausting for the heck of it you don’t have to clean your house as soon as you enter. House cleaning is just an example; women tend to freak out in all such cases. So just relax and work according to your abilities. You don’t have to prove anyone that you are a perfectionist.


  • Don’t bring office clashes to home

We all know this that women worry more about protecting relationships than men, which is perfect. But when it comes to work the situation becomes even more difficult for women because they can’t take disagreements at face value. Conflicting with any family member at work is extremely difficult for women.

Be a man: Men don’t fear workplace conflicts even if they are with a family member. They try to look at the underlying issue and they know that ‘it is business and you have to deal differently here’. Men never take on-the-job conflicts as bad, they deal with them differently at workplace and don’t take the arguments home.


  • Grumble less and Relax

For no good reason women tend to take more burden about the things that happened and that would happen. Past, future, surroundings, wrongs, rights and many other useless things pester women quite often. They just can’t take the burden off, and surprisingly men can’t take the burden on.

Be a man: Think like a man and stop complaining about the little things that annoy you. Like the maid in your house who is not a perfectionist (like you), the women next door who irritates you a lot, or last night fight with your spouse. Men never pay attention to all this because they are so over taxed with work and they like to have a chill pill in their free time.

Take note of these tips to lead a happier and less confused life. And don’t get sad on the mention of lot of bad things about women in this post; because whatever the case may be our bottom line would always be “women are awesome”.


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