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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / This Season, these 5 Miraculous Cough Remedies will save you from the Cold

This Season, these 5 Miraculous Cough Remedies will save you from the Cold

Just before you were about to bid farewell to the season of chills and snow, you are caught with a persistent cold. How embarrassing it is to be in a business meeting with all the sneezing and coughing? Well, quite a lot we must say!

A cough during winters can be divided into two main forms, dry and productive. While the productive form of cough can accumulate phlegm or mucous in the chest, the dry form of cough could be resulted due to severe allergies and random tickle of dusty environment or air. You should not suppress the first form; otherwise it might affect the proper functioning of lungs. However, controlling the chances of catching dry cough could be easily handled. All you need to know about avoiding and treating dry cough through natural ways is here- have a look at these 5 remedies!

  1. Take a spoonful of honey to control your dry cough. The high viscosity and stickiness of honey will immediate soothe your irritation. Use one spoon of organic honey before going to the bed every night.


  1. You can thin the formulated mucous with the help of Licorice root tea that works both as an expectorant and a demulcent. Any form of throat inflammation could be easily treated with this root tea. Pour 2 spoons of dry leaves in 7-9 ounces of fresh water to drink it at least twice a day.

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  1. Do you have the habit of doing gargles? You must do it if you are suffering from cough and cold! Add salt in one glass hot water to gargle for at least 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise twice in a day’s time.


  1. Give yourself the relief of steam to loosen mucous, congestion and phlegm. Add some essential oils like tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil in a bowl full of water. Steaming can ensure some anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits to calm you cough.

Woman inhaling steam from a bowl

  1. Have you ever tried using the Ginger Peppermint syrup? The warming taste of ginger can easily calm the paining tickling in throat, especially for those who are suffering from dried form of cough. Add 3 spoons of thickly chopped ginger with 1 spoon of dried pepper and 4 cups of water. If you want to make it a bit sweet, add the miraculous benefits of honey to it. Boil the mixture to consume the syrup.


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