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Tuesday , August 3 2021
Home / Latest posts / Top 4 Mistakes While Setting Up an Audience in AdWords

Top 4 Mistakes While Setting Up an Audience in AdWords

Today, one can rightly say that in the world of marketing, the focus has now shifted to the audience more than it is on keywords. Having a good knowledge about your target audience can help you immensely to take your business to the right people. It allows you to take the best measures for improvising your search engine rankings which eventually can help you to get the best ROI.

However, people often make some pretty notable mistakes while setting up their audience. Following are some of these common mistakes and how you can avoid them:

Creating small niche lists – This mistake is too obvious and happens too often. To avoid it, try checking-on with Google Analytics while making your lists so that you can have a jolly good idea about the unique visitors which visit certain pages of your site during certain time. Start-off with a wider target in case you think you have less than the minimum criterion that’s mentioned. Thinking differently depending upon whether you are into display or search marketing can play a huge role as well.

Poorly thought time durations – Just like the first mistake, this one too is easy to make and can have some pretty serious repercussions for your campaign. Lists for RLSA campaigns should always be set up with a restriction of 180 days in mind otherwise you will only get an unrealistic idea about the number of people actually reaching you through the list. However for display remarketing, one cannot do without full 540-day duration so that even those people can be reached successfully which have a long consideration cycle. Also remember to make your lists long enough so that they can cover simple things like pay days etc.

Ignoring incorrect settings – This is probably the worst mistake of all times since it can cost you a lot in terms of traffic reduction. For the RLSA audiences, there are two settings for the ad group level and while choosing the wrong one is extremely easy, it can have disastrous effects too. For instance, If you wanted to set up both – a target and a bid campaign but accidentally only set up a bid only ad group, then you can see more traffic coming than expected with much higher costs.

Creating overlapping durations – People often get carried away while creating lists of different time durations and for that, search marketers often create a 3-day, 7-day, 14-day lists and so on. This is a great practice and should bless you with fruitful returns; however, if you forget to subtract these lists from one another, you simply push your audience lists to the dark. This eventually causes you to reach a person through another list rather than the one you expected and therefore you ended up paying more than was necessary to reach that person.
All these common pitfalls are encountered while setting up lists. So, make sure you aren’t in a hurry with them because any sort of mistake while making your lists can have a huge negative impact on your audience.

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