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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Troubled with Bad Metabolism? Try these 7 daily hacks to improve your digestion!

Troubled with Bad Metabolism? Try these 7 daily hacks to improve your digestion!

A bad stomach is not a happy thought, though it is a way that your body chooses to inform you about your poor metabolism. In simplest words, the purpose of metabolism is to manage the intake of nutrients in our body, breaking them down for the distribution of energy that the body needs. With the help of proper metabolism, the body allows different organisms to grow, produce, reproduce, structure and respond. Now the purpose is not to understand the science behind metabolism but to unravel some small healthy habits that can help the course of digestion in the human body.

Here are the 7 daily hacks that can help your metabolism in the best possible way.
1. Stay hydrated with ample of water:


As soon as you wake up, get a glass of water for yourself. After taking the deep sleep of 8-9 hours, the body has that instant urge of drinking water. As human body is made of 60% water, we need to understand that the body needs at least 2 liters of waterevery day. Two glasses of water in the morning with keep you hydrated, active and enthusiastic.

2. Control your Alcohol intake:


As body becomes habitual of consuming hard drinks, it losses the ability to burn the body fat! For that matter, a couple of shots every night can reduce the ability to burn fats with about 75 percent in human body. Alcohol is neither good for the metabolism nor for the fats.

3. Counter your urge to consume ‘Too-much’ Caffeine:


Caffeine has a sense of addiction that is not good for the metabolism. Coffee, tea and soft drinks- the most common caffeinated drinks are unhealthy for the digestive system. Caffeine also has the tendency to kill the appetite. But most importantly, the intake of caffeine

4. Stop eating food that is high with pesticides:

images (14)

Thanks to the supermarket culture, the food i.e. vegetables and fruits that you consume is high with pesticides. The chemical available in pesticides can adversely affect the metabolism in your body, also resulting to weight loss. Switch to organic food for best results.

5. Consume organic food products:


Human body needs organic food- not just in the form of fruits and vegetables but also for meat, eggs and dairy products. The consumption of hormone-injected food products can badly affect your body. It can affect your hormones, demean your reproduction growth, affect the thyroid functioning, and lower appetite.

6. Sleeping with a heavy stomach:


Eating too many calories just before the bedtime is an unhealthy habit. It is also the reason why some people who have big belly. The food that a person consumes right before bedtime is the most potent reason of accumulated fats around the belly area. It is both dangerous and unattractive! Stay light during the latter half of the day and switch to some healthy snacking.

7. Stop calming your sweet tooth:


Spending too much time in calming your sweet cravings can be harmful for your metabolism. Avoid eating too many candies, chocolates, cookies, cakes and ice creams. High glucose level has the potential of completely stopping your metabolism.

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