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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Twisting with Dhanura asana- The Bow Pose in Yoga

Twisting with Dhanura asana- The Bow Pose in Yoga

Have you ever seen a bow? Now, do you wish to shape your body like the twist of a bow? The craft of bringing body, mind and soul in peace through the bliss of yoga enables a similar practice, especially when the form of flexibility is earned with Dhanura asana.

Giving an escalated backward bend to the body, Dhanura asana enables complete flexibility to the spine and back muscles. The Sanskrit word for Dhanura resembles a bow-shaped figure, which also means curve or bending. Typically derived from the bow and arrow symbolism, Dhanura asana sets the body in the twisted shape of a bow with its stretched string. As per the yoga practitioners, Bhujang, Locust and Dhanura asana forms the basic series of yoga exercises that are highly beneficial for the flexibility of the spine.

The 7 Step Process of Doing Dhanura asana:

  1. Lie straight on the floor through the stomach (i.e. backward or reverse), turn your head on one side and place the arms on the respective sides.
  1. Slowly lift the chin upward, exhale to turn the head, bend the knees, reach backward with the help of your arms and clasp the respective anklets with the arms (left leg for the left hand and vice versa).
  1. Raise your leg and ankle while inhaling and simultaneously lift the chest also. Try to rest the entire weight of your body on the abdomen.
  1. Tilt your head to the farthest position.
  1. Try holding the posture for long and focus on the inhaling process. Breathe deep and profound.
  1. Bring your knees back to the ground with exhaling. Release the ankles as soon as you exhale.
  1. While resuming the posture for relaxing, set your body at ease. Very slowly, bring the legs and arms on the flow and turn the head to rest.

The many benefits of doing Dhanura asana


  • Beneficial for the Body Joints: Dhanura asana sets the body muscles and joints at ease, making them more flexible and agile.
  • Strengthens the core: The core of your body i.e. the mid-muscles are highly benefited with the help of Dhanura asana. Help your abdominal muscles and organs through this asana.
  • Enhancing elasticity and flexibility of the body: Dhanura asana helps the spine with elasticity, making it more flexible and stretchy.
  • Therapeutic benefits: Dhanura asana is highly regarded for people who are suffering from asthma or any other respiratory disorder. For women, the asana can help the reproductive organs by bringing the menstrual cycle in order.

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