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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / Video Ads in Google’s Search Result will be the Next Big Thing

Video Ads in Google’s Search Result will be the Next Big Thing

[su_quote]Even though there is no confirmation from the Google’s end, yet we can assume the coming future of Video Ads in the search results. Many signs have already suggested the sudden switch in innovation![/su_quote]

With the rising popularity of video ads, it seems that the search engine giant is looking forward to pay attention to the latest format of ads. If rumors are to believe, then Google will soon initiate the monetize plan of using video ads in its search result list. Even though the click-through-rate of video ads is low, it is evident that the later has been rising as one of the potent source of online promotion and advertising.

Bing led the way for Video Ads in Google:


Whenever it comes to online innovation, Google wins the case by a huge margin. But this time it seems like Bing Ads will lead the case. Recently, the advertising network took video ads in the lead and started showing the updated search results of the same. With the ‘rich ads for search’ feature presented by Bing, the search engine brand has indeed taken a next step in improving the click-through rate of video ads. Meanwhile, it is also assumed that Google is testing the course of video ads for the search network.

Why has Google shown an undue favoritism towards Video Ads?

Google knows the vital significance of Video ads! Lately, Google shared an interesting figure that suggested the success of 65 percent brands that captivated brand interest through video advertising. Similarly, Searchmetrics have also shown the importance of video ads in helping the total time spent in a search result. Google has clearly declared that they are spending a ‘dedicated’ time in testing the video format.

The ‘clueless’ take of Google on video ads did ended this September when the tech giant announced the essence of TrueView campaigns in the Adwords set up. Also, Google is on the verge of changing the video targeting format. Gear up for an all new development in your ad setting skills!

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