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Tuesday , July 27 2021
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Website Designer vs. Website Developer

Many people use the term web designer and web developer interchangeably, but they do have two different purposes in creating a business website. You need to know the difference between their modes of functioning while creating a website. There are many differences between the qualifications, salaries and roles of these two professionals. In fact, both of these have least in common, except they work for the same website where designer is responsible for designing and developer for development . Before the topic turns to hot debate we should know the difference between designers and developers to understand them in a precise manner.


Web designer –


  • A web designer is a person who uses graphics programs such as Photoshop, Gimp, Fireworks and the like to create website layouts and then use another program (such as Dreamweaver or Visual Web Developer) to make their design come to life for the web.


  • Designers almost solely rely on the design views and the programs they use. Basically, designers are the front-end operators of a website.


  • Designers are concerned with how a website looks and how people would interact through it. A good designer knows how to implement principles of designing to make a website look great.


  • A designer can be called a graphic artist and they are responsible for the overall look of a website.


  • Website designers think very creatively and innovatively, and they use their imaginations to make unique designs.


  • A designer is not found doing coding most of the times as compared to developers.



  • The qualification required for designing is specialization over designing tools


  • If we talk about salary then designers are paid a few less than developers. Simply put, sometimes a designer can be paid more than a developer if he/she performing extremely well.


Web developer–


  • A web developer is a person who develops websites from the opinion of a business. They know the basic languages HTML, JavaScript, CSS. And master on a single language like PHP.


  • They may use fancy syntax highlighters, but they don’t require them successfully create a site. Basically, the web developer is a back-end operator of a website.


  • Developers basically focus on how the website works and how the customers get things done on it. A good web developer knows how to program CGI and scripts like PHP.


  • He/she understands about how web forms work and can maintain a site running effectively.


  • A web developer creates applications and look for the functionality on the internet.


  • Web developers think logically and methodologically to build the back-bone of a website.



  • The qualification required for the website designing is mastery over programming languages.


  • The web developers are found spending time in coding and coding solely, whereas designers spend a few time in coding.


  • A web developer is paid more than a designer because of his hard efforts while coding for an application.

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