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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Entertainment / What T.V Shows Could Make You Smarter?

What T.V Shows Could Make You Smarter?

So what did your granny say, about that idiot box at your home?

It probably goes like “This television will rot your brain one day, and you’ll end up dying dumb”. And you pretend not to listen, by sitting expressionless at such comments from your folks. Watching “How I met your mother” or “Vampire Diaries” is probably more entertaining than any of the intelligent shows on the T.V, but sadly they give you zero smartness.

Here are some T.V shows that can entertain you, make you smarter and gives you a chance to flaunt that smartness flawlessly in front of everyone. Okay, that sounds cheesy, but deep down we all want to be the smartest amongst our friends. Don’t you want the same?

Read on and get smarter!

Frontline: Frontline is a documentary television series aired on PBS channel and produced at WGBH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts. The series features side bar stories, in-depth stories, interview transcripts, and biographies of special people. With super-intelligent programs, the show never fails to entertain people of all age groups. Since its debut in 1983, Frontline has aired more than 500 programs.

Discovery Atlas: When it comes to educating viewers, Discovery and National Geographic channel tops the list. Discovery is a series that focus on airing people, traditions and lands that belong to different countries and continents. The cultural, sociological, and natural aspects of the world that it airs, educate people about their surroundings and places they can’t explore.  Though it takes a more serious tone in educating people, it serves the purpose at the end.

Community: Now who said only serious things can make you sharp? Community is the best comedy show that will make you wonder for most of the times “why did the guy laughed?” “Not is sitcom even?”

MythBusters: One of the most amazing shows you’d ever see. This is a science entertainment program that tests all the myths, rumors, movie scenes, and facts scientifically. The show has been so far very successful in busting myths about mindless things. It has completed more than 2200 experiments till now.

Cash Cab: This is a T.V game show with its origin in United Kingdom, but is being aired in all the countries now. Here they have a taxi where passengers are offered a chance to win money on giving correct answers to certain General Knowledge questions on the way to their destinations. Your kids can get updated about all the current news from this show. So if they don’t news papers every day, don’t shout!

Nova: Nova is a science television series that features interviews of world class scientists and footage of various discoveries. With amazing fan following, this has earned many television awards. The episodes are focused on everything ranging from history of science to present day scientific researches. The show is featured on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) and cover topics like global warming, eruption of Mount St. Helens, storm chasing, Tarim mummies, elementary particles and many more. This educates you about the past, future and present.

After watching all these episodes, it is definitely worth sitting on that couch for hours. You can proudly tell your granny that’s it’s no more the idiot box.

But kids, you are still not allowed to watch T.V in excess, as excess of everything is BAD!



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