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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / While PM Modi Preps for UK’s Visit, Pakistani Media is Busy Reporting a Murder Case Against Him in London

While PM Modi Preps for UK’s Visit, Pakistani Media is Busy Reporting a Murder Case Against Him in London

Narendra Modi has become a soft target for Pakistan’s media when it comes to taking aims at India’s reliability as a secular nation. Now, as Modi plans to visit United Kingdom for the very first time as the Indian Prime Minister, Pakistani media has launched a dramatic turn of events.


Pakistani media is describing Modi as the epitome player in Gujarat massacre while shedding light on a murder case that’s being filed against him in London. Tariq Mahmood, a leading Muslim community activist residing in the UK and the member of “Pakistan Patriotic Front” has requested the police to “arrest Modi, the butcher of Gujarat” as soon as he sets his foot in the UK.

What’s more interesting is that Mahmood also protested in the past against the MQM which Pakistani media has linked to link to India’s RAW which led to army raids against the party’s workers. Another report published recently suggested that the Indian intelligence was busy making a plan to kill Nawaz Sharif.

No matter how absurd it sounds, the complaint however holds Modi directly responsible for the murder of three British nationals that were killed in the riots while they were coming back to Gujarat from the city of Jaipur. However, what’s more stupid is that they seem to be ignorant to the fact that a state’s head cannot simply be picked-up by cops during his visit.

Britain, though, lifted the ban from Modi back in 2012, report suggest that thousands of British Muslims will, however, protest against him.

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