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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / While Tur Dal Reaches Rs. 200/Kg, Officials Seize 23,000 Tonnes of Pulses in Maharashtra

While Tur Dal Reaches Rs. 200/Kg, Officials Seize 23,000 Tonnes of Pulses in Maharashtra

Every now and then prices of an edible commodity in India surge to mammoth heights. Earlier it was onion and now it’s the tur dal. With tur dal prices reaching Rs. 200/kg, people are joking whether it is the new onion. Jokes aside, Maharashtra’s authorities have cracked down hoarders and the black-marketers. The surge of onion prices was because of illegitimate hoarding and now more than 23,000 tonnes of tur dal has been seized.


The pulses were discovered by officials in approximately 276 raids conducted in 16 districts and now it has pushed tur and urad dal’s retail price down by nearly Rs 3 per Kilogram. Most of these pulses that were found were unmilled and were found in the region of Mumbai, Thane and Panvel. The increasing dal prices can be associated to a two million ton decline in the dal’s supply past year. Apart from cracking down the hoarding, the government is also discussing plans to import tur dal for reducing its prices.

According to an official who played a key role in these raids, strict action against hoarding will tend to bring the growth in the prices to a big halt since raids are still being conducted heavily in districts spanning across the state. The Central Government is still busy figuring out with other state governments how they can take action against the hoarders under their Essential Commodities Act.

A nationwide upsurge of the price is still prevalent, however, this action by Maharashtra government has surely provided a good amount of relief for the consumers in the state.

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