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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Why the World is Angry with PM Narendra Modi?

Why the World is Angry with PM Narendra Modi?

[su_quote]As #RejectModi Hoardings appeared on the way to Silicon Valley, it reflected a continuous demeaning social protest against PM Modi. A ‘blast from the past’ is somewhere down the line bringing discouragement for the man who is stepping ahead to change the face of Indian society. Why is the world so angry with PM Narendra Modi?[/su_quote]

While the entire world was applauding PM Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative and his second visit to the United States of America where he met some of the biggest names of tech industry, there were a few groups that couldn’t stand his victorious take. Yes… criticism and excessive cynicism is a part of our life. The journey of growth and constant development is incomplete without the aid of criticism, but only when the dejection is ‘constructive’.

A massive protest by some anti-Modi campaigners has brought social media to storm. The digital space is flooded with trending hashtags for #ModiFail, #RejectModi, and similar handles. The ‘Respect India’ and ‘Reject Modi’ initiative supported by the haters is vouching for the abuse of human rights and also against the regressive promotional activities supported by PM Modi.

According to the news, a group of activists sent a bouquet of ‘250’ sanitizer to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, for ‘shaking hands’ with the bloodstained PM Modi. The activist group from ‘Alliance for Justice and Accountability’ has also created a website against the Prime Minister of India. The protest is marked in the wake of Gujrat Godhra riots that held in the year 2002 and brought end to the life of more than1, 000 people.
The aggressive hatred policy adopted by anti-campaigner of PM Modi is outgoing in both  website  and social media sites. By sending more than 250 sanitizers to Mark Zuckerberg, the protestors have charged PM Modi for human genocide during Godhra riots.


PM Modi’s US Visit and Controversies:

It all started when PM Modi recently went to the Digital India Dinner function’ with Top CEOs and Tech Headof Silicon Valley! The get-together brought forth some of the biggest names of tech industry- that also included Mark Zuckerberg. During the visit, PM Modi promoted various initiatives that were central to the constructive growth of India in the technological front.


Our Take on the Situation:

Long time ago, when India was ruled by the Britishers, the policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ was prominent to the governance of British Raj! India saw a suppression of about 200 years and it is because we allowed them to rule us. We were never united- we were divided because our thoughts were obsessed with multiple ‘selfish’ idea.

It seems that even today, we cannot ‘walk together, hand in hand’! While the Prime Minister of our Country is on a trip to promote the remote corners of nation, we are still demeaning the effort with the ills of the history. We are not talking about ‘Narendra Damodar Modi’- the concentration should be in the Prime Minister of India. It is not his trip to the US, it is our trip! As a PM, Mr. Modi is representing each and every person of India.

His disgrace is my disgrace- it is your disgrace!

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Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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