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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Way of Life / Winter tips to tackle with viral fever

Winter tips to tackle with viral fever

Winter is waiting to land in us. Diseases have become part of our life where every new season is a knock of illness. Viral fever is a kind of disease wherein fever is offset by a virus. Some of the typical symptoms of this disease are very high fever, headache, eye pain and pain in joints, cramps in stomach, cough and cold, indigestion, skin rash, weakness, low energy level. All the symptoms may not be found in the individuals, but over half of the given list is likely to found in people. Viral fevers are said to be untreated by antibiotics and must run their natural course but still it is advisable to consult a doctor. It’s really important to consult a doctor before the symptoms go out of limits of self-control and safety.

A viral fever patient needs complete rest, and must not be encouraged to go out doing hard activities. Every so often, the fever get arose much above the desired level and becomes very dangerous for the person.  As a patient you will feel inherent weakness that this fever brings by default. It may cause spells of dizziness, fainting, vomiting, and stomach pain.

If the fever of your body tends to cross 100 degree then it must be cooled down by applying a cool compress on the forehead. This can be done by simply dipping a soft cloth in cool water, rinsing and wringing it, leaving the damp cloth spread on the patient’s forehead in order to lower down temperature. As cooling down of entire body system is much required therefore you should drink plenty of fluids. It is an advice to do not cover your body with blanket. It will merely trap the heat and cause the fever to rise. Keep the windows open for some time so that fresh air can come inside. If your fever becomes unmanageable with medicines then you can prefer to have wet sponge treatment for whole body. Winter is a time of changing climate every day. The climate changes may affect your heath so it is better to protect than cure.

Loose motion may also be triggered during an outbreak of viral fever. This is due to the antibiotics taken to fight against viral fever. Your digestive system might get really worse than you ever think of. Therefore, intake of fluids must be started as soon as you discovered fever in your body. Some liquid diets like water, coconut water, juice of sweet fresh lime, vegetables soups are ideal choice for the patients. Moreover, you can also take multivitamin pills and an antacid to combat the harsh effects of medicines you taking.

It has been observed most viral infections occur either due to inhalation of contaminated air or due to infected food. Try to maintain hygiene in your food as well as surroundings. It’s always better to wash your hands, sneezing into a clean handkerchief, consuming homemade food, drinking water from a secure and pure source. Try to avoid people who are suffering from viral already.

The most important point to underline here is that in case the medication is left half way then that is itself a risk. Antibiotics do not react gently when given in incomplete dose, and there may be the occurrence of the fever relapsing, which most often is a harsher and more stubborn version of the original bout of high temperature. By keeping in mind these simple rules, it is easy to come out of a spell of viral fever on this winter.

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